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Feel the real grace with handmade Modern carpets

Feel the real grace with handmade Modern carpets Handmade carpets have always added to the décor of any house where they are used for flooring. Handmade modern carpets are crafted using different types of materials and are available in different textures, sizes and shapes. They are elegant as well as help keep your flooring warm, […]

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Commercial Carpets Vs Handmade rugs – Some Facts A Buyer Should Know before buying handmade carpets  

Carpet Stores salesmen confuse the buyer: Nobody is fully trained to spot a perfect handmade rug unless the person has the skills of making one. A commonly agreed statement is that an individual looking to buy a handmade rug would find it very confusing to figure out if it’s real or not. Handmade carpets are […]

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The Origination of Oriental Carpets and Rugs

The craft of weaving oriental rugs has its foundations a huge number of hundreds of years prior. This is an undisputed reality because of the revelation of the old Pazyryk mat that was found in the Altai Mountains. This floor covering has been gone back to between the second and fifth hundreds of years before […]

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How to select a Carpet store/shop in Bangkok, Thailand?

How to select a carpet store/shop in Bangkok, Thailand? Suggestions by www.carpetthailand.comShopping for carpets demands a lot of pre-research work like how you do when you plan to buy your first car. There are different varieties to choose from: Modern carpets, Oriental carpets, Afghan carpets, Kashmir carpets, Persian carpets, Moroccan carpets, Pakistan carpets, Kilims, etc. […]

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