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Ocean and the sky

Persian Vintage

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I and the World

Afghan Dark Red

Afghan Carpet

Tribal Pathway


Weaver's Perfection


Nature in Blue and white pearls


Persian Carpet

Story book cover of the ancient times

Persian Carpet

Lets talk about life


Afghan carpet - Shades of light red and dark blue

Windows narrating the outside and inside world

Afghan Carpet

Vintage Persian Carpet

Profound memories


Persian Vintage Carpet

The Garden of Calmness



Carpet Thailand, a carpet store, has always promised to deliver the best handmade and commercial carpets, and it has been carrying that promise with pride over the years. For any need of handmade carpets, rugs, and Industrial and commercial carpets, we provide top quality with a variety of carpet styles, colours, sizes, shapes, and textures to our client. Along with carpet quality, we keep our primary focus on the following key factors:

Affordable and Low price carpets Handmade and Commercial Carpets: Although we understand that handmade carpets as well as commercial carpets demand high investments, we put all possible efforts to keep the carpet stock in an affordable and genuine price range. It is worth mentioning that selling any material or style of carpets and rugs is a competitive space and carpet Thailand commits to providing the best carpet products.

Certified Genuine Carpets: The carpet business in Bangkok, Thailand has been flooded with carpet sellers having a mix of wool, silk, cotton, jute, nylon, Polypropylene, etc. carpets and rugs sourced from all over the world. So, it is harder now even for experienced carpet buyers to find the original handmade carpets and authenticate the country of origin of the carpets. Carpet Thailand provides a certificate for each handmade and commercial carpet you buy from our carpet shop.

A Carpet Store in full variety: Be it the carpet styles, carpet patterns, or carpet colours, Carpet Thailand ensures that it has a great collection and a variety of exclusive handmade and commercial carpets and rugs for its esteemed customers.

Carpet Washing, Carpet Cleaning, and after sale  Services: Carpet Thailand always suggests letting your carpets go for periodical inspections and checkups to keep carpets damage-free, dirt-free, germ-free, and stain free. We also give regular and top-class services of herbal carpet washing and deep carpet cleaning to our clients

A note about our handmade and commercial carpet category:

We designed our carpet category from beautiful handmade modern carpets to exclusive Persian carpets. We feel exhilarated when we showcase our variety in posh oriental carpets and vivid Turkish carpets. It is not an over overstatement to declare that Antique carpets are a must thing to have for us and Afghan carpets are our valuable treasure. No stock is complete without the inclusion of Bieber Moroccan carpets and tribal Turkmenistan Carpets and we have them in plenty. Kashmir carpets, hand-woven Kilims, and especially Pakistan carpets donate a huge range of handmade carpets to our collection.  In the commercial carpet section, we again have a massive variety as in Axminster carpets, Wilton Carpets, and area rugs.

New Arrivals (Handmade Carpets)

Have you been tired of visiting carpet shops in Bangkok, Thailand for finding the best quality handmade carpets and rugs that you always wanted to have in your home? We acknowledge this feeling that at one point one experiences frustration and boredom of seeing the same old redundant carpet designs and patterns and lower quality material. Don’t worry, at Carpet Thailand, we assure you that we have something new in our collection of handmade carpets and rugs always. We are confident that we have your choice of carpets in our stock, so go ahead and give us news that you found it.


Carpet Store in Bangkok, Thailand

Carpet Store in Bangkok, Thailand – Handmade, Commercial, and Industrial Carpets and Rugs 

Carpet and Rug Customization

Carpet Thailand’s priority is to give customers the carpets and rugs that they desire to have in their interior decoration of spaces. Although our carpet shop has a wide variety of handmade rugs and commercial and industrial carpets, we care a lot about carpet customization. We do understand one thing that one would like to decorate a space with the artifacts, shades, and colors that one adores the most. So, we here at our rug store, promote to our clients that bring a picture and dimensions of the rug or carpet you like to have and we will ask our carpet weavers to weave a similar one. Not to mention, we are definitely along with good at recommending schemes and stuff for interior decoration tailor-made carpets and rugs. Now, before we go any further, we would like to let our customers know that carpet weaving takes time, and raw images, complex rug patterns, and rug designs multiply the time and effort further. One important suggestion for our carpet lovers – come to us with a perspective of accommodating many complex parameters regarding the rug and carpet customization.

New Arrivals (Industrial and Commercial Carpets)

Industrial and commercial carpet in Bangkok, Thailand is consistently searched for innovative and colourful designs and patterns. We keep up with the pace of the carpet industry demands by introducing intriguing and fascinating new industrial and commercial carpet designs on a frequent basis. Stocking new commercial carpets is an exercise we love to do with great joy as we know it will fill up the quotient of a variety satisfaction of our clients. Browse our commercial carpet store to let us know that we are bang right on business with us.

Latest Carpet Sales, Design, Updates, and Exhibitions

Persian Carpets – You will love them:

Carpet Thailand’s vintage collection of Persian carpets is outstanding. Made from organic colours, natural wool and silk, Persian carpets are known for intricate designs and soothing colours. Placed on any surface and space, these Iranian carpets’ integration with the interior scheme of decoration comes out mind-blowing.

Time to invest in Afghan carpets for your lovely spaces:

Afghan carpets’ collection – We announces our first of a kind Afghan carpets week, in which we are showcasing our brilliant stock of gorgeous handmade Afghan carpets. You will love our carpet designs and patterns. These are 100% genuine carpets sourced from the carpet making communities and tribal belts of Afghanistan. Knowing that these are expensive pieces of have, we have put in every effort possible to make sure our clients could easily afford them. We love to welcome you and make your day more beautiful by showing you an exclusive range of Afghan carpets which we call our handmade gems.

Oriental Carpets provides exclusivity to your space

We have an exclusive collection of oriental carpets. All our oriental carpets are handmade and are weaved by the craftsmen who are in the trade of carpet weaving for generations. Since these carpets are handmade, so they have 100 percent natural colours and are tough, enduring, and stable.

Modern Carpets – Your space is ready to glow:

Modern carpets bring a huge pride to a space where they come a part of. They are unique as a carpet weaver gives shape to them with the colours in his/her imagination. A key reason for that is they have more urban designs with a large range of colours. Another good factor about them is they bring life to areas that are generally overlooked like the washing room, green room etc.

Moroccan carpets add a class of uniqueness to your interiors:

Contrary to what carpet lovers believe, Moroccan rugs come in a wide variety. These are also known as Berber carpets for the reason that the carpet weaving tribal communities in Morocco who make these carpets are called Berbers. These Berber tribes have their own uniques styles of making carpets and rugs, which contributes to giving Moroccan carpets a massive range and our carpet store is full of their products.

Afghan rugs and carpets must get integrated into your living space

There is something truly intriguing about Afghan carpets. As soon as these carpets become a part for your interior design, you feel that you have someone yours to share your life with. These handmade carpets depicts and transports you to the fascinating world of carpet weaving regions of the tough Afghan terrains and regions that change perspectives life in many ways. During your visit to our carpet shop in bangkok – address is given our contact us page, we are sure that you will adore these afghan carpets collection, and make them part of your lifestyle and future memories.

Shop By Category (Handmade Carpets)

When it comes to interior decoration every home has its own unique style and asks for distinctive decorative things to match its idea of decoration. Similarly different origin of carpets fits different themes of beautification and we at carpet Thailand understand that fully. In our carpet web store, we have listed categories of carpet origins in order to help our customers to select according to their taste. Come discover our captivating selection of handmade carpet sourced from different parts of the globe for all your rug needs. You can make your home floors look stunning with our elegant and stylish handmade rugs.

Shop By Category (Industrial and Commercial Carpets)

The usage of industrial carpet is completely different as compared to household carpets. Generally, in workplaces and commercial infrastructures, industrial carpets cover the maximum part of the flooring. The need to have commercial carpet in a commercial establishment is to enhance its aesthetic beauty as well as safety from the dangerous accidents of employee slipping or falling. Selecting an industrial carpet for your premises may become a difficult exercise so we at Carpet Thailand have listed categories to help our clients find carpets according to their needs and budgets. Our Web store has a great range on display, from basic designs-patterns to customized commercial carpets, basic colours to customized styles Carpet Thailand presents numerous choices to choose from.


We are confident in all quadrants of top-class handmade and commercial carpet selection as well as collection. Whatever type, colour, or pattern of carpet our clients, resellers, and distributors look for, we have them or are at least able to match their requirements closely. We’ve been gracefully flourishing in the carpet business industry for three generations in the line of handmade and industrial carpets. At Carpet Thailand, we offer a variety of carpets to our customers suiting their tastes, stocks, and budgets. With decades of experience, we gauge the market needs well which is strongly reflected in the shades of the carpets we have in our online carpet stock. For carpet retailers and resellers, we offer an incredible mix of carpet products for all sorts of flooring and spaces at low, affordable, and wholesale prices. We can help you in saving big! You can count on our impeccable customer service. We suggest you explore our extensive online carpet store and let’s form a great relationship in doing business in the arena of carpet selling together.


We know carpets give a great look to your space and provide beauty and comfort around themselves, yet they come with the huge challenges of periodical deep cleaning, washing, repairing, and maintenance. Another thing from the perspective of carpet maintenance is that different carpets have different washing processes and cleaning styles in addition to their different washing cycles. The key issue we have recognized with carpet washing is keeping a track of carpet washing cycles and also a simple vacuum, surface cleaning or brooming, or normal regular washing doesn’t suffice always. It is given that any handmade or commercial carpets do need to go for a special and professional grooming session every once in a while for making sure that they stay dirt-free and germ-free. Well, we understand deep carpet cleaning and washing at home without the usage of harmful chemicals and detergents is a big task and carpet Thailand with its aromatic herbal carpet washing process is ready to take care of it for you. At Carpet Thailand, along with the carpet sales, we offer carpet washing, cleaning, re-fringing and repairing services. Sounds great right!

[ Handmade Carpet Washing ]

You must be knowing how careful one should be during handmade carpet washing. If you are having a dirty handmade carpet and want to get it washed, then take it to us. We would be able to help you and provide you the best possible washing services.
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[ Handmade Carpet Cleaning ]

If you have a handmade carpet that is not that dirty, which can be sent for washing, but it needs to get cleaned. Then with the help of our highly skilled workers, we would be able to provide you services regarding handmade carpet cleaning.
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[ Handmade Carpet Repairing ]

In some cases, our handmade carpets get wrecked from some places, because of which it needs a bit of repairing. If your handmade carpet also needs some repair, then take it to us, we would be able to help you with that.
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Industrial Carpet Washing

Industrial Carpet Washing and cleaning not only makes your carpet look better, but also let it live longer. The dust caught in your Carpet by the visitors slackens its material binding which ultimately makes the carpet look scruffy and thus decreasing its life span as well. Professional carpet cleaning company like us holds enough experience of cleaning carpets and we use the proper and standard cleaning detergents that along with adding years to your carpets keep your carpet look bright and fresh.

Free Shipping

Worried that shipping might cost more than the actual purchase? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. We deliver your choice at your doorstep for free.

Easy Returns

Changed your mind? You carpet is not looking as good as you think it would be? Bring it back to our store or just claim for a return online.

Genuine Prices

You too want a carpet but do not want to rip off your budget? Then you’re at the right place. We assure you. You can’t find a reasonable price anywhere else.

After Sale Service

We believe in customers and always want them to come back to us with a smile. We’re sure our loyalty programs, cashback offer can absolutely do that in the right way.

Shop By Color (Handmade Carpets)

The beautiful thing about handmade carpets is their vivid colours that come from natural substances. Traditional colours like Red, Blue, Green or the poppy colours like Yellow, orange, purple or contemporary colours like blush, grey, sea green, you name it we have carpet options in that colour for you. Or you just let us know what colour pattern and design you want, we’ll have that one custom-made for you. Check out your options here by selecting the choice of colour online or visit our store personally and ask for a carpet in the colour you want. We’re sure to charm you with our selection.

Use a large area rug to define a seating area and make the room feel more finished.

Shop By Color (Commercial Carpets)

Industrial carpets are just not for beauty; it also grabs the attention of the entire commercial space. In such a case, you need to find something best suitable for your needs. From the good old blacks and whites to trendy contrasts, we almost have every colour option you want. Your commercial space needs to have the best, and we propose the finest quality at affordable prices. We at Carpet Thailand have plenty of colour options to satisfy your penchant for colours. Get ready to discover the collection of our industrial carpet in the colours of your desire.

Featured Brands

In the carpet business world, we have always promised our stakeholders and customers the availability of the best hi-end carpets at any given moment. The carpets we collect are stylish, durable, hard-wearing and functional. We have earned a high reputation in the carpet industry and we continue to maintain our leadership position as Thailand’s best carpet retailer and wholesaler. We have been setting standards in the competitive market by keeping our collection of carpets branded and up-to-date. Whether it’s about industrial carpet such as Axminster, Wilton, Printed, or Handmade rugs like modern, Turkish, Persian, oriental, village, Kilim etc we have them all available in our online and physical shop fronts. So, before you begin randomly searching for carpets on different fronts, check out the latest collection of our featured brand.

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Wilton Carpet

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Printed Carpet

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Handmade Modern

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Handmade Turkish

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Handmade Kilim

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Without our prestigious clients, we wouldn’t have gained this excellent position in the carpet industry, we sincerely thank them for their contribution to our success story. Our client base has enormously increased over the years and we love the way our clients enjoy great bonds with us. We feel elated when they talk about our products and customer service in high regards and recommend our name to their prominent contacts. Big gratitude to all our clients and here we mention a few of the high-flying ones.

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