Are you looking for creative freedom and flexibility by having your ideas of designs for the carpets you want to place on your premises? Printed carpets give you the power to satisfy your design needs by printing your design ideas on the rugs with the help of modern manufacturing equipment and high-definition graphic techniques. From animal prints to contemporary art, enjoy the free will to create what you want to see on your carpet.

The critical concern buyers commonly have about the permanence of the printed design on the carpets. They believe the printed format might wither with heavy foot traffic. However, the correct information is that dyes are chemically bonded into the carpet fibers; therefore, the custom prints can withstand heavy foot traffic without being subjected to the risks of wearing away. Another wrong assumption is that cleaning products can easily damage printed carpets is not true at all.

With the advancement in carpet manufacturing and printing technologies, printed carpets have begun offering various decorating options for commercial units such as retail stores, showrooms, discos and clubs, hotel foyers, restaurants and banquets, office spaces, etc. Here on our website, you have plenty of options available in printed carpets to choose from, or if you have any particular print idea in mind, discuss it with our professionals at the phone numbers 091-093-9765 | 094-253-9303

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