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Kashmir Carpets and Rugs

Kashmir Carpets are hand-knotted carpets that primarily have oriental and floral styles and come in various sizes, colours and qualities. Hand-knotted pure silk rugs are well-famous for their flexibility, smoothness and fine craftsmanship. The count of the number of knots per square inch predominantly defines the quality of the carpet. These exotic carpets come in magnificent designs and intricate patterns to enhance the interior decoration quotient of your premises.

According to history, it is said that Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin of Kashmir, who was very much attracted to the work of Persian Carpet Weavers, brought artisans from Persia and Central Asia to Kashmir to train the local inhabitants. Since then, the Handmade Kashmiri Carpet Industry has begun to flourish. Kashmir Carpets have a range from 200 knots to 900 knots/sq. Inch weaved with both – wool and silk yarn. Kashmiri Carpets are weaved between two horizontal beams. The rest of the stitching is done inside these beams, which may be floral or a type of knot popularly known as Farsi baff, by using very basic tools like wood or a metal comb to give them unique designs. Popularly labelled Kirman, Tabriz, Isfahan, Meshed and Bokhara Carpets, which are appreciated for their unmatched artistry designs, are the original Kashmir Carpets only.

The weaving of Kashmir carpets takes time, depending on the intricacy of the design pattern, size and other factors such as material and knots per square inch; it takes almost 6-12 months for two weavers to get one fine rug out.

Kashmiri Rug

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