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An oriental rug can bestow decorative elegance to any space, modern or traditional.

According to carpet and rug experts, as you know more about oriental rugs, you begin appreciating the artistic ability and craftsmanship that’s rooted in the making of each rug.

There is a common misconception among carpet buyers that oriental rugs come from the orient, whereas how it is made defines them as oriental rugs. It also depends heavily on what kind of looms are used, either horizontal or vertical, where horizontal is widely used in creating tribal designs and vertical for weaving hand-knotted rugs. As oriental carpets are made in parts of the world, including China, Iran, Turkey, Tibet, Pakistan and more, the regional influence perhaps can be observed in their design. The design pattern, colour palette, and weave in each rug depict the weaving techniques of a particular tribal area or region. For example, more formal or floral can generally be linked to weavers making rugs in urban areas, and the geometric designs are acknowledged as originating from tribal belts. Design patterns that noticeably flow in one direction are commonly known and designed as “Prayer” rugs. As oriental rugs are made from different resources, therefore their qualities may vary extensively as well.

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Handmade Oriental Rug

Oriental Carpet Thailand – Carpet Store: we have an extensive collection of Handmade Oriental Carpet Designs, Colors, and Patterns in our carpet stores across Thailand.

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