Axminster carpet is a luxurious buy and it’s often recommended by the interior designers and architects to give your space and floor a royal and practical look. They are known for their high-quality, durability, luxury, authenticity and regal craftsmanship for more than 250 years. These carpets are best suited for medium to high footfall areas. In our web store, we have a collection of modern to traditional designs suiting a comprehensive range of interior design needs. We get our carpets manufactured from different vendors that give us the ability to have a product and price range. Axminster carpet is made from two components i.e. wool and nylon which makes its hard-wearing and purposeful for busy commercial areas like schools, restaurants, libraries, public corridors, convention centres etc. In this section, you can browse a good range of Axminster designs and if you want more information on the tailor-made solutions, sizes and prices, you can speak to our experienced salesmen on the numbers 091-093-9765 | 094-253-9303.
Benefits of having Axminster Carpets

  • Last longer and strong
  • Multiple designs and colour pattern options
  • Retain its appearance and charm
  • Gives an impression of a handmade carpets
  • Practical for heavy traffic areas

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Industrial Carpet Washing

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