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Are you planning to take your interiors a notch higher without making a hole in your pocket? Well, modern and stylish carpets and rugs are here to your rescue! “Carpets and Rugs“ play an indispensable role in adding an aesthetic vibe to your interiors. Whether you want to keep it funky and quirky for your […]

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Carpet Water Damage – How to Handle Carpet Water Damage

Carpet Water Damage – How to Handle Carpet Water DamageWater damage to the carpets can occur due to fire or flood in your house. In such situations a considerable amount of water tends to get absorb in carpet fibres and pad beneath. If not treated on time can lead to development of fungi, mildew, spores […]

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Viewpoint on Carpet washing in Bangkok completely understands that rugs are a beautiful addition to your homes, and you don’t want them to look old.  You take every step possible to enhance their life by keeping them clean as much possible. Carpets have a habit of getting dirty even if you keep them indoors in a safe zone at all times. […]

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Carpet Washing Service Provider – CarpetThailand

Rusty, Dirty, Muddy or Dull; Carpets are affected by environment and usage very often because all the time they are occupied giving your house an attired feel, which also reduces the life of carpets if not being taken care gently, like they do for you. This is why, Carpet washing is very important at regular […]

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