CARPET REFRINGING THAILAND, BANGKOK -The most common areas of repair are the fringes and their corners. This repair work amazingly transforms a dilapidated rug into one that looks original and new. If the fringes or the sides of you carpet are damaged it is important to carpet repairing and carpet refringing service them as soon as possible because it will continue to spread endangering the entire rug’s life.We give our customers complete freedom of choosing the fringes they like from various styles, lengths, colors, and textures. When you arrive with your damaged carpet or rug for carpet refringing service work, our team of skilled experts briefs you about possible options before commencing the actual process.  They clear all your queries and curiosities regarding our work process.Fringes of Rug and carpets (in some cases) are usually manufactured using white cotton, wool or silk and extend few inches from each side but you must know these fringes are not the outer edge fixtures of your rug instead and each ornament that you can hold with your fingers actually runs from one end to the other passing right from the center of the rug or carpet refringing service and carpet cleaning service. This makes them stick very tightly with the rug but this arrangement has a downside as well which makes the fringe repair work really challenging. Any damage done on the outer edges would have to be repair without shredding the rugs apart. This is why refringing is a more complex and challenging task than normal carpet repairing where normal patching techniques usually replace the damaged part.But still fringe wear out is an inescapable reality. Rugs fringes, regardless of their origin be it Persian or Oriental, will be worn over the period of time and would demand mandatory repair because if you will leave the damaged fringes as it is, it will eventually damage the ends of the rug and its edges running all your investment done to make your place look appealing.Our team of skilled rug and carpet refringing knows how to choose best re-fringing technique according to the requirement. They know how to secure the worn fringes from both ends of the rug so that it stays with the rug just like new one. They are aware of techniques of repairing fringes from corners which are the most challenging parts of any rug to repair carpet refringing service. They know how to choose the most suitable material for fringe repair according to the extent and type of damage to it.In the case of extensive damage, we recommend complete replacement of the old fringes which will give your rug a completely new look. While choosing the new fringes, our team will ensure that we pick the closest match or they will simply follow your choice for new fringes. Another advantage of replacing old fringes is that it adds more value to your rug and you can earn more by selling it to buy a new one.By selecting Carpet Thailand  for your carpet refringing service work, you will get quality work at a very affordable price compared to other companies along with the free advice of our team visiting your location.