Antique Carpets


Antique Carpets are one of the most beautiful and perfectly woven carpets because they are crafted by weavers who are into the carpet weaving industry since ancient times. Antique Rugs are believed to be Carpets that are almost 70-80 years old. The Antique Turkish and the Antique Persian Carpets are the most demanding carpets: they came in a variety of styles with names as tulu, karapinar, ladik, konya, and ushak (oushak), kayseri (kysari), burdur, soumak, and kilim. Handmade Antique Carpets live a long life as compared to modern-age carpets and are restored several times by the craftsman to increase their life; thus, many of them may look like something other than new. Though Antique Carpets are appreciated for the unique art performed on each carpet, it should also be recognized that they may have shortcomings like loosely held knots or small holes. Antique Handmade Carpets, when preserved with proper care by letting them go for periodical carpet washing and cleaning along with being protected from moth attacks, these carpets give a royal look to your place. Check out our store for the most exclusive range of Antique Carpets available.
Antique Carpets and Rugs

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