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Long Lasting tradition still continues with handmade oriental carpets

Long Lasting tradition still continues with handmade oriental carpets Oriental carpets can add colourful essence to any room you wish to decorate. Their versatile patterns and texture go with a number of furnishing and décor. They bring in elegant touch to all contemporary room décor as well as classic décor. Handmade oriental carpets are made […]

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Handmade Turkmenistan Carpets in Thailand

The Turkmenistan carpets remind of the history of the carpets that is related to the handmade carpets. Turkmenistan is famous for its carpets that are regarded as the oldest and purest carpet traditions of Central Asia. The handmade Turkmenistan carpet in Thailand is designed with colorful geometric floral designs that are famous for its fine […]

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An Overview of Afghan, Persian, Turkish and Village carpets

Ethnic beauty and charisma of any place is flourished by natural and ancient blend where modernization is an add-on to the heritage. Different types of carpets in Thailand are blended with the ethnic and contemporary designs categorized into several forms. From Afghan Carpets to Persian, Turkish and Village Carpets, Carpets Thailand has ample of carpets […]

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Washing carpets with hands

Generally, by looking at the health of the carpet, we can gauge whether the carpet requires a wash or not. Well, it is the case when the dirtiness and staining of the carpet are visible, but sometimes, dirt hides somewhere deep down in the threads. When the carpet conceals the dirt like this way, it […]

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