Modern Carpets and Rugs 

Silk, wool, and other precious materials are the essence in our wide range of collections of handmade carpets. At carpet Thailand, we offer a large variety of affordable and quality assured modern carpets and rugs for all kind spaces and rooms in your home. The handmade modern carpets we have represented the natural world in its designs and are made at our manufacturing units by the skilled craftsmen using the top quality material. With richness in colors and inclusion of abstract elements, the modern hand-woven carpet donates a fine fashionable appearance. These contemporary rugs come in stylish colors that add a touch of elite class sophistication to almost any space. Modern rugs are well suited and also ideal for home areas like living, bedroom, and dining room.

Carpet Thailand, is a leading collector of modern rugs in Bangkok Thailand. With two huge retail outlets in the heart of Bangkok, carpet Thailand stocks the most comprehensive collection and variety of modern rugs. We also offer our clients a unique opportunity to create their own design statements that will have their stamp of creativity to enjoy for a lifetime.

We are glad that you reached our online store for selecting your carpets and rugs. Call or email us and let us know what your exact need is and our expert carpet salesmen will provide you the best information that will help in choosing the right carpet for your space.

Handmade Modern Carpet

Carpet Store – Modern Carpets: We have a wide collection of the latest designs and patterns available for Handmade Modern Rugs in all branches across Thailand.

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Handmade Carpet Washing

You must be knowing how careful one should be during handmade carpet washing. If you are having a dirty handmade carpet and want to get it washed, then take it to us. We would be able to help you and provide you the best possible washing services. Read More

Handmade Carpet Cleaning

If you have a handmade carpet that is not that dirty, which can be sent for washing, but it needs to get cleaned. Then with the help of our highly skilled workers, we would be able to provide you services regarding handmade carpet cleaning. Read More

Handmade Carpet Repairing

In some cases, our handmade carpets get wrecked from some places, because of which it needs a bit of repairing. If your handmade carpet also needs some repair, then take it to us, we would be able to help you with that. Read More