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Carpet Washing Services

Key information and facts on Carpet Washing and Cleaning Service in Bangkok, Thailand

While vacuuming and cleaning carpets frequently keeps the carpets clean and safe, there comes a time when you need professional carpet cleaning services to take the stubborn, rigid, and ugly dirty blots off the carpets. Over a while, a carpet becomes toxic and begins emanating an off-putting smell that may subside for some time with home cleaning methods, but to let it leave forever – you need a cleaning company. Carpet washing and carpet cleaning service is a specialized job for two reasons: customers invest heavily in carpets and rugs, and carpets must always maintain their aesthetic look and feel. There is no doubt that plenty of carpet cleaning companies are in the market, but it is also true that they are not the same. So, we say that you try our carpet washing services once, and we will ensure you will not go anywhere else.

A piece of more common knowledge is that subjecting the carpet to heavy loads of water and detergents produces deep cleaning effects, which need correction. A minimum of both water and detergents is better for carpet washing. Extraction cleaning is one great technique where a heated extraction method is used. It is also considered safe, which is always a primary consideration when dealing with expensive and rare handmade carpets. A suction method is another way of cleaning the carpets – we make sure no chemicals are left behind as it can increase the toxicity of the carpets and the space area around them. Depending on the client’s need from the time perspective, we use special techniques to dry the washed carpets – the concern is always that no moisture is left behind. Maximum effort is on thoroughly sucking the dirt first before letting the carpets get in touch with the water. Water may form muddy concentrations in the intricate patterns, which are harder to wash off later. We pamper your carpet while giving them a lovely bath to ensure they keep its quality, sheen, color, and nontoxicity intact. We are confident that once you avail of our services, you will come back to us every time whenever the clock of your carpet ticks “it’s the pampering time.”

Handmade Carpet Washing

Reasons for handmade carpet washing to be soft, gentle, deep, with herbal detergents, and chemical free

One of the best and most finely created carpets in the world are handmade carpets, and we are delighted to tell you that we are one of the biggest manufacturers of handmade carpets in Thailand. You must have heard handmade rugs are the best, but do you know why? If you said no, then have a look at the reasons listed below-

  • Entirely made by hand, and because of this, you can take advantage of the high-quality product.
  • Although they would be costlier than other types of carpets, you would notice that every single penny spent on these handmade carpets would be worth it.
  • Handmade carpets are made of quality material and are more long-lasting than other types, for example, commercial carpets.

Industrial and Commercial Carpet Washing

Vital information on Industrial and Commercial Carpets – Washing and cleaning perspective

A lot of people confuses with industrial carpets and other types of carpets. But the leading and most important difference between these types of carpets and rugs is that they are created in a way so that they fit better in the environment of industries. In short, they are a type of carpets that offers an overall formal look to the atmosphere, and this is the only reason you will find these types of carpets in areas such as industries, offices, workplaces, and many more. Let us have an in-depth look at the industrial carpets-

  • These types of carpets are created mainly focusing on durability and economy. Moreover, industrial carpets are the best option if you are trying to find a durable alternative at a budget-friendly price.
  • One huge difference between industrial carpets and other types of carpets is that industrial carpets can hold more foot traffic at a time. While if we use any different carpets at a place with higher foot traffic, they will break down quickly.


We are confident in our carpet selection and our collection of various designs, colors, and patterns that can flatter anyone. We’ve been gracefully flourishing in the carpet world for three generations in the business of handmade and industrial carpets. At Carpet Thailand, we offer our customers a variety of carpets and rugs that suit their tastes and budgets. With decades of experience in all areas of the flooring industry, we know the market needs well, which is reflected in the range and variety of our online carpet stock. For carpet retailers and resellers, we offer an incredible mix of carpet products for all sorts of flooring at low wholesale prices. We can help you in saving big! You can count on our impeccable customer service, so explore our extensive carpet web store and let’s form a great relationship in doing business in carpet selling together.

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Our Services

Rugs Cleaning

Regular cleaning is the most common exercise that saves carpets from getting withered or losing their charm. Cleaning your rugs ensures they stay away from damage and retain their original looks.

[Handmade Carpet Washing]

You may already know how careful one must be during handmade carpet washing. If you have a dirty handmade carpet and give it deep washing, bring it to us. We can help you and provide you with the best possible washing services.
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Carpet washing and cleaning is a specialized job because customers invest heavily in carpets and rugs and want to ensure that they maintain their aesthetic look and feel after washing and cleaning.

[Handmade Carpet Cleaning]

Suppose you have a handmade carpet that is not dirty to the extent of sending it to washing, though it surely needs cleaning. Then with the help of our highly skilled workers, we can provide you with services regarding handmade carpet cleaning.
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We have a specialized team of carpet experts for repair and restoration services. We believe that repairing and restoring antique oriental rugs and expensive quality carpets are our greatest passions.

[Handmade Carpet Repairing]

Handmade carpets get wrecked in some places, so they may need some repairing. You can’t ignore these carpet damages for long. If your handmade rug also needs some repair, bring it to us. We can help you with that.
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You can find 100 + varieties of carpets from Carpets Thailand. We offer handmade rugs and industrial markets, so if you are trying to find uniquely styled carpets at discounted prices, we have everything you need.
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Originality is the primary concern when getting a handmade carpet for yourself. But unfortunately, only some carpet sellers offer original rugs and carpets. While if you are dealing with us, we assure you that we will always provide you with original carpets.
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You must be thinking that handmade and industrial carpets are very costly; then how would you be able to get them? If you are stuck in this chaos, you can get various kinds of carpets from Carpets Thailand at reasonable prices.
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