Carpet washing and Carpet cleaning service Company is a specialized job because customers invest heavily in carpets and rugs and want to maintain their aesthetic look and feel after carpet cleaning service and carpet repairing as well. Biggest worry most customers have regarding carpet cleaning and carpet refringing services is the use of excessive chemicals, detergents, and water. Customers of every carpets washing firm demand complete extraction of these elements from their carpets.CARPET CLEANING SERVICEAt, Thailand Carpet, we provide a safe and effective system of cleaning for different types of quality carpets, oriental rugs and fine furniture of luxury private homes. We use the hot water extraction method to clean and special cleaning solutions free of phosphates, fragrances, and solvents.A common misconception among people is that more chemical, detergent or water they apply to their carpets better the extraction would be and that’s yet another big misconception most people have about carpet cleaning Service.  In reality, the minimum is the best quantity for both water and cleaning agents.Extraction cleaning is recommended by the vast majority of carpet manufacturers worldwide safest and most efficient way to clean carpets. With heated extraction methods, cleaning can be enhanced to a good extent. This technique leverages from the basic physical science principle that heat would reduce the surface tension of water making it clean in a more efficient way. When this water comes into contact with dirt molecules, it breaks their chemical bonding turning them into minute particles which cannot be removed by conventional cold carpet cleaning service methods. We advise our customers about suitable extraction method according to the condition of their carpet materials because heated extraction is not recommended for every type of carpet.Our suction method extracts 90 percent of the water out of the carpet, unlike many other carpet-cleaning firms who leave a lot of that detergent and water in your carpet making it toxic. In normal cases, after extraction, we leave the carpets alone to get completely dry. In emergency cases, we do offer, however, a specialized method for drying. When we handover your carpet back to you after carpet cleaning service and drying, we make sure there is no sign of moisture in it because soiling in carpet builds up when this moisture in the carpet interacts with the dirt in the environment.During the entire carpets washing and drying process, we make sure that your carpet’s quality stays intact. This is why we focus on dry cleaning the most. 90 percent of dust in the carpets can be removed by drying cleaning. Once the water comes into play, it becomes mud and becomes even harder to get rid of. This is why our carpet cleaning service methodology is based on heated extraction technique where hot water extracts dust and mist from every single fiber of your carpet.Apart from preserving the quality of your carpets, our methods also make your carpets more hygienic and safer by removing toxic pathogens which are often developed in dirty carpets service due to dust and moisture over the period of time.These are just some of the reasons why you must choose us as your carpet cleaning firm, once you get our services you will have the most important reason to come to us again and that would be our commitment and dedication towards our claims and your carpets.