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The Handmade Turkish Carpets in Thailand

History The Turkish Carpets are also popularly known as Anatolian carpets. The Turkish carpets were founded in the 13th century B.C. and was originated from the city of Konya which is famous for the manufacturing of Turkish carpets in the city. The Turkish Carpets were designed well to compare with the Persian carpets in the […]

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High quality Moroccan Carpets talks itself about it.

Hand-made or Machine-made! Floor covers are commonly made in either method. Most ordinary Carpet creating practice is contraption woven framework. Against the growing solicitation, the hand woven floor covers are rarely found in any culture with choice blueprints and models. Carefully assembled Moroccan Carpets in Thailand are compelling in giving the Handmade and Machinery sewed […]

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Moroccan Rugs and Carpets: A Tale of Rich Legacy

The perfect amalgamation of authentic vintage designs and elegance, Moroccan rugs and carpets promise to complement your interiors exquisitely! A Rich Moroccan Legacy The Moroccan rugs and carpets have a rich Marrakesh legacy of handcrafted carpets and rugs that are woven with the unconditional love and expertise of dedicated artisan communities. These artisans have been […]

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Handmade Village Carpet in Bangkok Thailand

The handmade village carpet in Bangkok Thailand is identified as the natural beauty for the customers which acts as a site of attraction from the mid of the sixteenth century. The homemade village carpet in Bangkok Thailand is famous for its fine designs and the great demand among the customers in the market. There are […]

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