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In an undertaking to make another and present day stylistic layout in your home, zebra print ground surface can be a key piece of your enriching plan. The impartial shades that nature has given us in the common stripes of the African zebra become an essential piece of a cutting edge front room, lounge area, […]

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Carpet repairing services for bringing your carpet back to life

We have a specialized team of carpet experts for carpet repairing service  and restoration services. We believe that the repairing and restoration of antique oriental rugs and expensive quality carpets are truly one of our greatest passions and truly rewarding endeavors. For us, to pour life back into a damaged carpet or rug by restoring […]

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Kilim Carpets and Rugs: A Popular and Fashionable Floor Covering Style

The age-old Kilim carpets and rugs have sustained a rich legacy that is here to stay, especially for floor covering. A unique kind of Persian carpets and rugs that hail their roots from the Persian Empire spanning across Iran, Azerbaijan, the Balkans and the Turkic countries of Central Asia, the Kilim carpets and rugs are […]

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Handmade Pakistan Carpets:

Our younger generation knows carpets just as a fashion trend in residential and commercial environments. But the carpets are actually dated back to the ancient years, and Pakistan has been one of the mass producers of handcrafted carpets. Many years ago, when the Persian traders entered the combined Indo-Pak land, they looted most of our […]

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