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Right carpet washing service can enhance the carpet’s longevity

Right carpet washing service can enhance the carpet’s longevity Buying a carpet is indeed a planned investment and you certainly want your carpet to last long. It is not only about buying the right carpet, but its maintenance is also important to increase its life. If you are washing your carpet on your own, then […]

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How to clean your office’s wall to wall carpets?

We all want that our carpet should look nice and last longer than anything else, but I don’t know why we are not doing anything to make our carpet last long. Now a lot of people must be thinking that what’s that thing with the help of which we can make our carpet last longer […]

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Background of Kashmir Carpets

In the no so distant past, the floor covering industry in Kashmir was seeing consistent development because of the expanding request and hearty deals in the worldwide and household markets. The all out offers of Kashmiri floor coverings, including sends out, were assessed to associate with Rs 500-600 crore a year ago. A year back, […]

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Carpet Manufacturers in Thailand- CarpetThailand

Thailand is the land of attractions, glitters, fun and exotic beauty. A significant element that adds to the beauty of Thailand is beautiful Carpets manufacturing on this land of everyday rising magnificence. Carpet Manufacturers in Thailand have grabbed a significant market to increase the volume of carpets, meeting the demands for the local residence and […]

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