Hand-woven carpets have become a synonym for comfort with its deep pile structure and warmth. Hand-woven carpets had been a fashion icon with its cultural aesthetics in the 1960s and still running as a prime reference throughout the world. Hand-woven carpets are well-known for its qualities like, comfort, warmth, noise reduction, and the joy of woollen feel under the feet. Whether to get a brown one to match your furniture or to add a contrasting pop of colour to be unique, the diverse range of hand-woven carpets is just not only for comfort but also for a style statement with the capability to deliver various colours, textures.

Bring a unique look to your space with a hand-woven carpet. These rugs emphasize the facets of authenticity and uniqueness of design to your room. At Carpet Thailand, we help you to find the right hand-woven rugs and carpets that speak to your mind that you’ve sunk into something beyond comfort and luxury, it has become a way of life, it catches guest attention, and above all, it is giving a splendid appearance to space. Every hand-woven carpet from our collection is a unique piece that is durable, stain-resistant, and stylish for a modern household.

Do explore this page for our massive selection of hand-woven carpets and rugs. Believe us; you won’t be disappointed with all the designs, pattern, colours, shapes, sizes, and prices we have! Place an order for your hand woven carpet today!

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