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Kilim is a word that originated from the Turkish Language hence the Kilim Carpets and rugs give carpet lovers a touch of Turkish Origin. The weavers of Kilim Carpets, also known as a pile-less hand-woven reversible rug or covering, primarily belong to parts of Turkey, Kurdistan, the Caucasus, Iran, and western Turkestan.

Handmade Kilims, as described above, are pile-less rugs or textiles manufactured using a flat weaving technique. Some clients asked us very interestingly why Kilim is known for being flat-weaved. Well, we tell them it’s because of the design patterns on the Kilim rugs that are made by simply interweaving a range of coloured wefts and wards, whereas, in the making of other handmade rugs or carpets, wool or silk strands of different colours are knotted onto the warps and firmly held by pressing the wefts strongly against each other. We also make them aware of its positive attributes, which are the textile, in addition to the technique of weaving, concludes a lot about strength, toughness and withstanding of Kilims in the areas subjected to heavy foot traffic. A glance at a Kilim made by a community of real tribesmen who are practising the art of making them for centuries takes your breath away.

Before Kilims were recognized as items of interior decoration, they were a necessity of tribal living in rural and remote geographies. Kilims were a practical part of living as they were used to cover the floors, protect from weather changes, or for storing goods, grains and necessities. Since the Kilims were light in weight and easy to carry along, they served as an essential commodity in the lifestyle of nomad people and village tribes. Kilims, till today, integrate or include numerous old tribal symbols in the designs and are made with the hands in the long-established traditional styles of nomadic tribes.

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