Carpet Thailand has been offering flooring solutions for small residential handmade carpets to large scale commercial projects of international levels. We work with many talented interior designers and builders and we have completed many prestigious projects such as hotels, libraries, schools, and recreation hubs. Even in the smaller projects where the requirement is just a small handmade rug, we stay as enthusiastic as we are for the huge ones as it lets test our creative strengths.


Carpet Thailand has worked with some of the best in the business to find the proper handmade, hand-woven carpet for their project needs. From small residential homes to royal palaces, our brilliant handmade carpets have proudly graced the floors of many creative interiors. Our clients heavily appreciate our creative selection of rug inventory including specially made carpet designs of different sizes, colours and styles. We have strong relationships with many designers in Thailand and worldwide and we aim to provide our clients distinctive and original products along with delivering unique and innovative designs and offering an exceptional level of customer service. We tell our clients that let us know what you want and we will deliver that all in your carpet.


With over decades of experience, Carpet Thailand provides the best solutions and installation service in the Bangkok area, and even throughout Thailand, when it comes to custom carpet and rug projects for commercial spaces. Known for its innovative strength and artistic aptitude, carpet Thailand proudly offers all your up-to-date flooring and industrial carpet needs under one roof.

Flooring is not as trivial as something meant to just walk on; it is an essential part of working space, mind, and daily life. We know every functional space is different, thus, our sales team experts take full charge in providing you with a unique carpet solution justifying your spending and decorating tastes.

Featured Projects

Our objective is to provide our clients with a solution that fulfils their needs for quality, comfort, style, and budget. Carpet Thailand has a wide range of collection of exclusive carpets to fulfil the aesthetics value of any space. Whether you want a rare antique hand-woven rug from tribal communities across the globe or you are looking at delivering a creative modern visual appeal to your commercial space, we have the rug in our collection matching your choice. We offer the best variety of all sorts of carpet with the latest trends and colours along with everlasting design choices.

Projects below highlights works of supplying beautiful, Stylish & Durable Carpet proudly completed by Carpet Thailand.


We are confident in not only our carpet selection but also in our collection of various designs, colours, patterns can flatter anyone. We’ve been gracefully flourishing in the carpet world since three generations in the business of handmade and industrial carpets. At Carpet Thailand, we offer a variety of carpets to our customers suiting their tastes and budgets. With decades of experience in all areas of the flooring industry, we know the market needs well which also reflects in the range and variety in our online carpet stock. For carpet retailers and resellers, we offer an incredible mix of carpet products for all sorts of flooring at low, wholesale prices. We can help you in saving big! You can count on our impeccable customer service so explore our extensive carpet web store and let’s form a great relationship in doing business in the arena of carpet selling together.

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Our Services

[Handmade Carpet Washing]

You must be knowing how careful one should be during handmade carpet washing. If you are having a dirty handmade carpet and want to get it washed, then take it to us. We would be able to help you and provide you the best possible washing services.
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[Handmade Carpet Cleaning]

If you have a handmade carpet that is not that dirty, which can be sent for washing, but it needs to get cleaned. Then with the help of our highly skilled workers, we would be able to provide you services regarding handmade carpet cleaning.
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[Handmade Carpet Repairing]

In some cases, our handmade carpets get wrecked from some places, because of which it needs a bit of repairing. If your handmade carpet also needs some repair, then take it to us, we would be able to help you with that.
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There are several things about which we should take proper care, and one of the most significant issues most of the people out there face while buying one handmade carpet for themselves is to know that the handmade carpet they are buying is an original one or not.

So we don’t know about other carpet selling companies, but if you are dealing with us, then you would be able to get the highest-quality original handmade carpet for yourself, and we assure you all that you would be able to get original carpets always no matter they are handmade or industrial.
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There are several problems that we can face while buying a carpet for our home, workplace, or anywhere else. But do you know which is the biggest issue that you will mostly face with almost every carpet manufacturing company and that is most of the companies will offer you nearby same kind of products and carpet designs. Because of which you will never find any kind of uniqueness in the carpets.

But if you are dealing with Carpets Thailand, then you would be able to get new designs always. As we have a considerable team, with the help of which we can produce new carpets designs in handmade and industrial carpet sector.
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