We have been selling carpets for the last three generations. We have won international renown for our innovation and expertise steeped in a rich history, a celebrated archive, exceptional designs, and services to the world’s most incredible clientele. Besides having a carpet retailing business in Thailand for the last 20 years, we have flourished in parts of Canada, the US, the UK, Germany, South Africa, Austria, and Asia. With a well-deserved reputation for quality, attention to detail, and unsurpassed customer care, Shah Carpets are sold through the finest carpet retailers and interior designers who share the same commitment to quality and service. Exclusive Shah Carpets showrooms worldwide have a collection of the finest quality carpets and rugs that fully entertain the needs of our esteemed customers.

Handmade Carpets

We have also manufactured and imported contemporary and traditional carpets from Iran (Persian), Turkey, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and Central Asia. With the recent increase in market demand for different styles of carpets, we have introduced a new range of Oriental, Modern, and Moroccan carpets, Kilims, and Durries in wool & silk to our existing stocks. Shah Carpets also offers flexibility in customizing both carpets and rugs. From sizes made-to-order, through custom colors, to products created exactly to your specifications, the options are virtually limitless. Handmade Carpets have some unique qualities that label them far above machine-made carpets and also something special to have, such as:

  • Making handmade carpets is an art practiced and prevalent in certain areas only. Knot by knot with many locks and turns, it is weaved and consumes a substantial amount of time to produce one.
  • Handmade carpets have intricate design patterns, wonderful texture, and extreme durability: they have been ascribed as the work of a master craftsman.
  • Handmade carpets have that appealing factor of touch, feel, and trueness which cannot be produced with any machines or technology.

Industrial Carpets

For any flooring today, commercial, industrial, or residential, interior decorators believe in designing them to give some experience. For them, flooring has to spark the visitors’ interest, attention, and desires. The primary objective is to give a new perspective to design with a vibrant and vivid collection of designs that tell a story about the spaces in an intriguing way. As the commercial avenues are subjected to heavy visitor foot traffic, laying Industrial carpets on the floor aptly suits this kind of infrastructure set. As Carpet Thailand is always the front runner in the flooring industry so

  • It tries to go beyond boundaries by filling the spaces with bold colors and exclusive designs. It doesn’t shy away from giving innovative solutions and suggestions in exploring standard to striking designs and patterns; it knows that it can look beyond the mainstream design.
  • From the client’s perspective, it keeps a budget range as its core requirement and goes all-out to find your perfect flooring within a reasonable and affordable price range. Just begin exploring our collection of industrial carpets, and you will be thrilled to experience how we try to cater to your taste and lifestyle.


We are confident in our carpet selection and our collection of various designs, colors, and patterns that can flatter anyone. We’ve been gracefully flourishing in the carpet world for three generations in the business of handmade and industrial carpets. At Carpet Thailand, we offer our customers a variety of carpets that suit their tastes and budgets. With decades of experience in all areas of the flooring industry, we know the market needs well, which is reflected in the range and variety of our online carpet stock. For carpet retailers and resellers, we offer an incredible mix of carpet products for all sorts of flooring at low wholesale prices. We can help you in saving big! You can count on our impeccable customer service, so explore our extensive carpet web store and let’s form a great relationship in doing business in carpet selling together.



Repairing is a work of art learned over the years and required deep knowledge and skills. Generally, the most common areas of carpet repair are the fringes and corners. Once precisely repaired, even the shabby rugs get a new life.

[Handmade Carpet Washing]

You must know how careful one should be during handmade carpet washing. If you have a dirty handmade rug and want to wash it, bring it to us. We can help you and provide you with the best possible washing services.
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Carpet washing and cleaning is a specialized job because customers invest heavily in hand-crafted carpets and rugs and want to maintain their original and aesthetic look intact after letting them go through the washing services.

[Handmade Carpet Cleaning]

If you have a handmade carpet that is not that dirty and it only needs to be cleaned. Then with the help of our highly skilled carpet cleaners, you can get your carpet deep vacuum cleaned.

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We have a specialized team of carpet experts for repairing and restoration services. Repairing and restoring expensive carpets is a process that should be carried out with full diligence and passion.

[Handmade Carpet Repairing]

In some cases, our handmade carpets get wrecked in some places, which needs a bit of repairing. If your handmade carpet needs some repair, bring it to us. We can help you with that.
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You will find 100 + varieties of carpets from Carpets Thailand. We offer handmade carpets and industrial markets, so we have everything you need if you are trying to find uniquely styled carpets.
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You may have this belief that handmade and commercial carpets are very costly, then how would you be able to get them? If you need clarification, visit Carpets Thailand for various carpets and rugs at reasonable prices.
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Originality is one of the most important things when trying to get a handmade carpet for yourself. But unfortunately, only some carpet sellers offer original carpets. While you are dealing with us, we assure you that we will always offer you original carpets.
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