We have been selling carpets for the last three generations, and we have won international acclaim for our innovation and our expertise steeped in a rich history, a celebrated archive that includes exceptional designs, and legacy of service to the world’s most discerning clientele.In addition to our thriving carpet retailing business in Thailand for the last 16 years, we have also flourished in locations across Canada, US, UK, Germany, South Africa, Austria, and Asia. With a hard-earned reputation for quality, attention to detail, and unsurpassed customer care, Carpets Thailand are sold through the finest carpet retailers and interior designers who share the same commitment to quality and service. Exclusive Carpets Thailand showrooms worldwide have a collection of finest quality carpets and rugs that cater to the broad and diverse tastes of our esteemed customers.From palaces to private residences, restaurants to public buildings, convention centres to airports, over the last 30 years Carpets Thailand have contributed to designing world’s most beautiful interiors. Our exclusive showrooms in Bangkok not only have served the local and expat communities extensively with innovations of today’s technologies in the specialty of carpet making but also have won accolades from thousand of satisfied customers for our reliability and quality.We also import contemporary and traditional carpets from Iran (Persia) Turkey, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and Central Asia. With the recent increase in market demand for different styles of carpets, we have introduced a broad range of Oriental, Modern, and Moroccan carpets, Kilims and Durries in wool & silk to our existing stocks. Carpets Thailand also offers custom flexibility in both carpets and rugs. From sizes made-to-order, through custom colours, to products created exactly to your specifications, the options are limitless.At Carpets Thailand, performance, durability, and value are provided in equal measure throughout the product range. From practical to wealthy, casual to formal, we offer flawless range. We stay true to our core values, offering our customers an outstanding experience through exceptional products and a fantastic customer service.


The most common areas of repair are the fringes and their corners. This repair work amazingly transforms a dilapidated rug into one that looks original and new. If the fringes or the sides of you carpet are damaged


Carpet washing and cleaning is a specialized job because customers invest heavily in carpets and rugs and want to maintain their aesthetic look and feel after washing and cleaning as well.


We have a specialized team of carpet experts for repair and restoration services. We believe that the repairing and restoration of antique oriental rugs and expensive quality carpets are truly one of our greatest passions


Carpet Thailand differ in its goals, thier guiding principles, and thier approach. Also, we won’t promise measurable improvement until after we understand the situation.One other factor differentiates us even more: Our years of experience in the field, which turns organizational performance assessment and improvement into something of a science.

Never stagnant, never satisfied with status quo, we strive to incorporate the newest technological advances into Carpet Thailand and constantly redefining our case management and communications to better represent our clients. Thus providing u the best quality rugs available in the market

We are not the trading firm that are trading rugs and earning profits, though we are manufacturing them in house and hence can provide you with the top class services like Carpet Washing, Refringing and Repairing at the most competitive price and top class quality



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