Carpet Repairing Service in Bangkok Thailand

Carpet Repairing Services

When repairing carpets, the professionals remove the damaged patch and replace it with another in perfect condition. The reason for doing this is that the stubborn stains settle down permanently on some areas of your carpet. Sometimes the bleach stains set into your carpet, and any amount of scrubbing cannot remove them, and you cannot treat the discolored section as well. In such cases, Carpet Refringing and Carpets Repairing comes into the picture to take care of the damaged parts in your carpet. When you ask yourself how to search for carpet repair companies near me, browse and read the reviews online to judge the best companies around you. Also, consider whether the carpet repairing companies near me are certified or not and can do the job professionally.

Carpet repairing is a challenging job; it’s the job of a professional carpet repairer. We have excellent feedback on our carpet repairing services and are confident in our skills in giving your carpets life once again. We do our repairing job with utmost care. As carpet manufacturers and retailers, we know rugs fall in the heavy price range and can only be bought sometimes. We follow a specific approach where we first check the carpet’s health by letting it go through our own inspection parameters. We identify the degree of damage and suggest whether you should have your carpet repaired or its time for it to go – a replacement. Sometimes, we also recommend considering the parameters of carpet worth and rarity – we say, let’s save it as we won’t get this masterpiece again.

Handmade Carpets Washing

One of the best and most finely created carpets in the world are handmade carpets, and we are delighted to tell you that we are one of the top manufacturers of handmade carpets in Thailand. You must have heard handmade carpets are the best, but do you know why? If you said no, then have a look at the reasons listed below-

  • Entirely made by hand, and because of this reason, you would be able to take advantage of the high-quality product.
  • Although they would be costlier than other types of carpets, you would notice that every single penny spent on these handmade carpets would be worth it.
  • Handmade carpets are made of quality material and are more long-lasting than other types of rugs, such as commercial and industrial carpets.

Industrial Carpets Washing

A lot of people confuses with industrial carpets and other types of carpets. But the leading and most important difference between these types of carpets and rugs is that they are created in a way so that they fit better in the environment of industries. In short, they are a type of carpets that offers an overall formal look to the atmosphere, and this is the only reason you will find these types of carpets in areas such as industries, offices, workplaces, and many more. Let us have an in-depth look at the industrial carpets-

  • These types of carpets are created mainly focusing on durability and economy. Moreover, industrial carpets are the best option if you are trying to find a durable alternative at a budget-friendly price.
  • One huge difference between industrial carpets and other types of carpets is that industrial carpets can hold more foot traffic at a time. While if we use any different carpets at a place with higher foot traffic, they will break down quickly.


We are confident in our carpet selection and our collection of various designs, colors, and patterns that can flatter anyone. We’ve been gracefully flourishing in the carpet world for three generations in the business of handmade and industrial carpets. At Carpet Thailand, we offer our customers a variety of carpets and rugs that suit their tastes and budgets. With decades of experience in all areas of the flooring industry, we know the market needs well, which is reflected in the range and variety of our online carpet stock. For carpet retailers and resellers, we offer an incredible mix of carpet products for all sorts of flooring at low wholesale prices. We can help you in saving big! You can count on our impeccable customer service, so explore our extensive carpet web store and let’s form a great relationship in doing business in carpet selling together. 

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A fine carpet always gives the warmth and comfort to your feet. It just not adds beauty to your living room or bedroom but also bring joy to your soul. These antique and modern carpets are symbol of timelessness connection between art and space where people live. If you want your antique carpets to last […] gives you an opportunity to watch your carpet being cleaned and washed on live windows by our professionals. We take utmost care to wash your carpets using Herbal Cleaning methods to make your carpets look like new always.

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The most common areas of repair are the fringes and their corners. This repair work amazingly transforms a dilapidated rug into one that looks original and new. If the fringes or the sides of you carpet are damaged.

[Handmade Carpet Washing]

You must be knowing how careful one should be during handmade carpet washing. If you are having a dirty handmade carpet and want to get it washed, then take it to us. We would be able to help you and provide you the best possible washing services.
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Carpet cleaning is a specialized job because customers invest heavily in carpets and rugs and want to maintain their aesthetic look and feel after washing and cleaning as well.

[Handmade Carpet Cleaning]

If you have a handmade carpet that is not that dirty, which can be sent for washing, but it needs to get cleaned. Then with the help of our highly skilled workers, we would be able to provide you services regarding handmade carpet cleaning.
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We have a specialized team of carpet experts for repair and restoration services. We believe that the repairing and restoration of antique oriental rugs and expensive quality carpets are truly one of our greatest passions.

[Handmade Carpet Repairing]

In some cases, our handmade carpets get wrecked from some places, because of which it needs a bit of repairing. If your handmade carpet also needs some repair, then take it to us, we would be able to help you with that.
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You would be able to find 100 + varieties of carpets from Carpets Thailand. We offers handmade carpets and industrial markets, so if you are trying to find unique styled carpets at discounted prices, then we have everything you needed.
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Originallity is one of the most important thing when you are trying to get an handmade carpet for yourself. But unfortunately not every carpet seller offers original carpets. While if you are dealing with us then we assure you, that we will always offers you original carpets.
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You must be thinking that handmade and industrial carpets are very costly, then how would you be able to get them? If you are stuck in this chaos, then you would be able to get various kinds of carpets from Carpets Thailand at reasonable prices.
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