For more than two decades, Carpet Thailand has offered its clientele the finest modern and traditional handmade rugs. Located in major cities in Thailand, our retail shops have the most extensive collection of handmade rugs. Our clients love our hand-woven and industrial carpets and fully trust our flooring solutions for decorating their spaces.


At our main showroom, 61/39 Sukhumvit Soi 26 Wattana Bangkok 10110, you will find generations of experience and a wide variety of handmade and industrial carpets that exhibit our liking for collecting the best designs of the highest quality available. With a vast stock to select from and a plethora of available customizations, you are sure to find a rug of your choice.

Carpet Thailand focuses on top-end carpeting and rugs in line with the present-day demands in residential and industrial designs.

Have you ever visited our store? If you say no, we suggest you visit our store once, as there you will be able to learn about the best and latest carpet collection. Our store has the latest collections, which we update on our website regularly. So if you want to get the best options for yourself, then do visit our store.

Moreover, at our store’s display, you would be able to have a look at numerous carpet options from handmade and industrial carpet sections.

Main Branch

61/39 Sukhumvit Soi 26 WattanaBangkok 10110


Carpet Thailand has two branches offering a complete range of elegant rugs and carpets for residential and commercial spaces.


  • Sukhumvit Wattana Bangkok- Primary handmade and industrial carpet retail store in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Chiangmai Thailand- Our second branch for all sorts of handmade carpets and rugs.


We are confident in not only our carpet selection but also in our collection of various designs, colours, patterns can flatter anyone. We’ve been gracefully flourishing in the carpet world since three generations in the business of handmade and industrial carpets. At Carpet Thailand, we offer a variety of carpets to our customers suiting their tastes and budgets. With decades of experience in all areas of the flooring industry, we know the market needs well which also reflects in the range and variety in our online carpet stock. For carpet retailers and resellers, we offer an incredible mix of carpet products for all sorts of flooring at low, wholesale prices. We can help you in saving big! You can count on our impeccable customer service so explore our extensive carpet web store and let’s form a great relationship in doing business in the arena of carpet selling together.



The most common areas of repair are the fringes and their corners. This repair work amazingly transforms a dilapidated rug into one that looks original and new. If the fringes or the sides of you carpet are damaged.

[Handmade Carpet Washing]

You must be knowing how careful one should be during handmade carpet washing. If you are having a dirty handmade carpet and want to get it washed, then take it to us. We would be able to help you and provide you the best possible washing services.
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Carpet washing and cleaning is a specialized job because customers invest heavily in carpets and rugs and want to maintain their aesthetic look and feel after washing and cleaning as well.

[Handmade Carpet Cleaning]

If you have a handmade carpet that is not that dirty, which can be sent for washing, but it needs to get cleaned. Then with the help of our highly skilled workers, we would be able to provide you services regarding handmade carpet cleaning.
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We have a specialized team of carpet experts for repair and restoration services. We believe that the repairing and restoration of antique oriental rugs and expensive quality carpets are truly one of our greatest passions.

[Handmade Carpet Repairing]

In some cases, our handmade carpets get wrecked from some places, because of which it needs a bit of repairing. If your handmade carpet also needs some repair, then take it to us, we would be able to help you with that.
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You would be able to find 100 + varieties of carpets from Carpets Thailand. We offers handmade carpets and industrial markets, so if you are trying to find unique styled carpets, then we have everything you needed.
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You must be thinking that handmade and industrial carpets are very costly, then how would you be able to get them? If you are stuck in this chaos, then you would be able to get various kinds of carpets from Carpets Thailand at reasonable prices.
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Originality is one of the most important thing when you are trying to get an handmade carpet for yourself. But unfortunately not every carpet seller offers original carpets. While if you are dealing with us then we assure you, that we will always offers you original carpets.
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Are you trying to get the best quality carpets in bulk at a budget-friendly price? If you said yes, then you should must visit our store or can directly check out our website because right now, there’s a stock clearance sale with the help of which you would be able to get the best possible carpets at a very low price rate.

In this stock clearance sale, you would be able to get old and latest both kind of designs. Although there is a vast stock, but still hurry up to get your desired carpet for your home, office, workshop, or anywhere else as soon as possible before the sale ends.
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If you are from Thailand, then you must have heard about Carpets Thailand. We are one of the biggest wholesale and retailers of various kind of carpets in Thailand. You would be able to visit our store directly or can check out our collection from our website, and the most significant advantage is that you would be able to get everything at a reasonable price range. Let us have a short introduction about our carpet’s collection-

  • Handmade Carpets – There are the carpets that are made up of high-quality material and are entirely made using hands and nothing else.
  • Industrial Carpets – These are the type of carpets which you would be able to use at your office, industries, and workplace. This carpet offers a formal look to the overall environment.

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