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Wilton Carpets in 2020

With the change in the time, there are several changes that you would be able to notice in industrial carpets such as Wilton Carpets. From their overall designs to the installation process, we would be able to see changes in almost every sector easily. But these changes are those things about which not many people […]

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The Art of carpet making straight from the families of handmade carpets

The Art of carpet making straight from the families of handmade carpets Carpet weaving is the most popular and ancient from of Turkmen art. Earlier each woman learnt this traditional art right from their young age. The beauty and longevity of handmade Turkmenistan carpets actually come from the tradition of carpet weaving that is being […]

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Background of Persian Carpets

At first covers were utilized in southern focal Asia and were an image of Muslim’s custom. As the time passed, they got celebrated all through the world and incredible progressions were made in the floor coverings industry. It advanced from hand made to the machine made floor coverings. The premier rugs were hand made. They […]

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Choose carpet washing and cleaning services wisely

This article is written by While writing this article, Carpetthailand has kept the service providers of carpet washing and cleaning of the region Bangkok, Thailand in perspective.It’s a general and accepted statement from carpet manufacturers, “use hot water and good quality detergents to clean the carpets properly”. Does this statement suffice the purpose rightly? According […]

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