Why choose carpet washing services of Carpet Thailand

The first and foremost thing a carpet owner wants that his/her carpet gets back to its fresh state after letting it go thru a carpet washing process. We at carpet Thailand offer an unparalleled carpet cleaning system where we not only remove the allergens, stains or stubborn marks but also restore your carpet to its original beaming state. We, members of carpet Thailand’s family business, have researched extensively over the years and have found out some unique methods using rare homemade herbal solutions to give your rug a great wash. The company typically tries to avoid machines and tools when we handle the process of carpet washing. Over the years of practice, we have designed our guidelines which we follow for every carpet-wash meticulously to make sure your carpet gets an exclusive treatment. Our unmatched services include:

  • Our courteous team has extensive experience in washing and cleaning the handmade carpets. As each member of the team comes from the land where handmade carpets are made, so they are fully skilled. When they handle carpet washing, they handle each thread of the carpet watchfully. Once they agree to give your carpet a wash after a quick analysis of few parameters of your carpet like its health, type, dye, knots, frills, etc., they are sure to leave you 100 percent satisfied with their immaculate service.
  • The teams understand your busy schedules, so we align our services to fit in your schedules as you want.
  • We put a real focus at the critical spots and pay proper attention to the heavily trafficked parts of the carpet.
  • CarpetThailand uses homemade herbal carpet washing solutions made from herbal things like flower petals, fruit skins, olive, thyme, and citrus peel, etc. We do not use any commercial detergents which we believe are very harmful to your carpet.
  • The team use our hands to wash your carpet to make sure there are no damages experienced by your carpet.
  • No hidden or extra cost.

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