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Handmade Pakistan Carpets:

Our younger generation knows carpets just as a fashion trend in residential and commercial environments. But the carpets are actually dated back to the ancient years, and Pakistan has been one of the mass producers of handcrafted carpets. Many years ago, when the Persian traders entered the combined Indo-Pak land, they looted most of our […]

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An Overview of Afghan, Persian, Turkish and Village carpets

Ethnic beauty and charisma of any place is flourished by natural and ancient blend where modernization is an add-on to the heritage. Different types of carpets in Thailand are blended with the ethnic and contemporary designs categorized into several forms. From Afghan Carpets to Persian, Turkish and Village Carpets, Carpets Thailand has ample of carpets […]

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How to clean your office’s wall to wall carpets?

We all want that our carpet should look nice and last longer than anything else, but I don’t know why we are not doing anything to make our carpet last long. Now a lot of people must be thinking that what’s that thing with the help of which we can make our carpet last longer […]

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Get your Carpets Cleaned with the utmost care to maintain its originality

At Carpets Thailand, Carpet cleaning is not a job for us, it is an art matched with the skilled experts to enhance your carpet’s life and to keep them blossoming using the appropriate cleaning advice and method for the desired carpet type. It is a known fact that cleaning the carpet at regular intervals extends […]

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