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Handmade Moroccan Carpets

Hand-made or Machine-made! Floor coverings are generally made in either technique. Most normal Carpet fabricating practice is apparatus woven system. Against the expanding request, the hand woven floor coverings are infrequently found in any culture with exquisite outlines and examples. Handmade Moroccan Carpets in Thailand are effective in giving the Handmade and Machinery sewed floor […]

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Handmade Turkmenistan Carpets in Thailand

The Turkmenistan carpets remind of the history of the carpets that is related to the handmade carpets. Turkmenistan is famous for its carpets that are regarded as the oldest and purest carpet traditions of Central Asia. The handmade Turkmenistan carpet in Thailand is designed with colorful geometric floral designs that are famous for its fine […]

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Turning your Imaginations into customized and elegant carpet creations 

When it comes to buying carpet for your home décor, you want the best as carpets cannot be replaced very often. You are actually living the carpet design in your house when you choose a carpet for your house. Selecting the right manufacturer who can offer a wide range of collection to choose from is […]

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Carpet Washing and Repairing in Thailand

Carpet washing and repairing                                                                                                 Often carpet maintenance is […]

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