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Herbal Carpet cleaning and washing in Bangkok, Thailand

Herbal Carpet cleaning and washing in Bangkok, Thailand with www.carpetthailand.comCarpets are the real wealth of interior decoration of your home, and you don’t want to get embarrassed finding them dirty in front of your relatives and friends. The reality is the carpets cleaning in Bangkok, Thailand do get stains, and they do get dirty quickly because of dust and pollution, and there is no escape from it, no matter whatever strategy you apply or whatever precautionary measures you take. Furthermore, getting yourself to clean the carpet in Bangkok is a big task as in today’s fast-paced world it is hard to have or find that kind of time to do it.Fortunately, there are some service providers available for washing and cleaning carpets in Bangkok, Thailand and is one of them. Carpetthailand uses the following sound washing methods to give your carpet a super clean look:Herbal washing of carpets and rugs is what we likeLike us, we know that you love your carpets and want to avoid the damaging products for e.g. artificial sprays, polishes and detergent that are commonly laden with very harmful chemicals. Cleaning with herbs will keep harsh toxins out and keep your carpets smelling sweet and fresh. We have our recipes for herbal cleaners to give your carpet healthy and shiny look.We use a combination of dried and fresh herbs in the making of our herbal cleaners. It’s a long process as it takes around 12 weeks to get the homemade herbal washing solutions prepared by placing them in a warm room out of direct sunlight for at least eight weeks. Apricot skin, dried olives, rose petals, thyme, vinegar, etc. are few of the many ingredients that go into the making of our cleaning solutions. To make sure that our cleaners have strong antibacterial properties, we use citrus peels. Furthermore, we add small quantities herbal essential oils to give our solutions a great scented aromatic feel.A little peep into our carpet cleaning strategy:

  • Gently place the carpet on a dry and clean area.
  • Apply our home made solution overall and a little extra on the heavily stained areas.
  • Gentle scrub with a brush.Soak the stained liquid and check if the stains have visibly vanished.
  • Once satisfied that the stains are washed, let the carpets go for dryingin the sun.

Being responsible and experienced carpet washers and cleaners in Bangkok, Thailand, we fully understand that the key to smooth and immaculate cleaning of carpets with stunning results comes with investing in a good quality carpet  cleaning -washing recipes having deep-cleaning effects that weed out the bacteria from its root. 

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