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Handmade Pakistan Carpets:

Our younger generation knows carpets just as a fashion trend in residential and commercial environments. But the carpets are actually dated back to the ancient years, and Pakistan has been one of the mass producers of handcrafted carpets. Many years ago, when the Persian traders entered the combined Indo-Pak land, they looted most of our […]

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Carpet Cleaning in Thailand- Herbal carpets cleaning services provider

Home design with classic or modern carpets cleaning in Thailand is a trend. People from every segment in Thailand love to design their homes with beautiful ethnic carpets and there comes the uniqueness and reliability in the segment. Varieties of carpets are marketed and therefore, carpets cleaning in Thailand is one of the major concerns […]

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Carpet Manufacturing in Thailand

Custom made carpet manufacturing in Thailand is renowned throughout the world and this augments the carpet manufacturing industry and service providers’ reliability to endure the trend and customer relations. Manufacturing, distribution and retailing of carpets is a large scale industry and this also increases the consumer concerns on quality and consistency. With increasing market in […]

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The Source and Concept Behind Pakistan Carpets

At first covers were utilized in southern focal Asia and were an image of Muslim’s custom. As the time passed, they got celebrated all through the world and incredible progressions were made in the floor coverings industry. It advanced from hand made to the machine made floor coverings. The premier rugs were hand made. They […]

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