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Wall to Wall Carpets comes with variety of Options

One end to the other rug has progressed significantly since the early beginnings of the chenille business in Dalton, Ga. Covering is a story decision that is still well known today. Indeed, even with the flooding market for hard surface items, for example, hardwood, earthenware, and extravagance vinyl, covering stays an item that nearly everybody […]

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INTRODUCTION: – Anatolian carpets are another popular name for Turkish carpets which are popularly arisen from Konya which is a city known for the manufacturing of Turkish carpets. Earlier women with the help of colors and patterns weave the carpets to show their emotions and the creativity of weavers in the handmade Turkish carpets are […]

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Handmade Turkmenistan Carpets in Thailand

The Turkmenistan carpets remind of the history of the carpets that is related to the handmade carpets. Turkmenistan is famous for its carpets that are regarded as the oldest and purest carpet traditions of Central Asia. The handmade Turkmenistan carpet in Thailand is designed with colorful geometric floral designs that are famous for its fine […]

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Carpet Manufacturing in Thailand

Custom made carpet manufacturing in Thailand is renowned throughout the world and this augments the carpet manufacturing industry and service providers’ reliability to endure the trend and customer relations. Manufacturing, distribution and retailing of carpets is a large scale industry and this also increases the consumer concerns on quality and consistency. With increasing market in […]

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