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Handmade Pakistan Carpets:

Our younger generation knows carpets just as a fashion trend in residential and commercial environments. But the carpets are actually dated back to the ancient years, and Pakistan has been one of the mass producers of handcrafted carpets. Many years ago, when the Persian traders entered the combined Indo-Pak land, they looted most of our […]

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Handmade Pakistan Carpets- An investment you can walk on

There are several factors which we all wish that our neat Handmade Pakistan Carpet should have, and those factors are the reason because of which we can say that these carpets are an investment in which we walk. Before moving further with this article, let us have a look at all those factors. • Exceptional […]

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Desire and Demand of Handwoven Carpets

Berber floor coverings, similar to the Beni Ourain carpets, have a rich history that can be followed back to the Berber clan, which was a migrant clan that has existed for ages. The idea of the life of this clan and their roaming way of life makes it difficult to pinpoint the history, however the […]

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Well, cleaning a carpet is not a rocket science, one need some water, a cleaning solution or vacuum and you’re ready to go but that’s not true. However, you haven’t spend only on carpet as you add on the other expenses in padding and carpet installation which will make you realize that your “Commercial Carpet“ […]

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