Carpet selling is not new to us. It is our family business from last three generations, and we have been proudly taking care of our large customer base by selling them very rare, special and exclusive carpets imported from different parts of the world.  Carpetthailand, an online carpet store in Bangkok, Thailand,  not only provides the best quality carpets, but also specialized services like carpet washing, carpet cleaning and carpet repairing in Bangkok, Thailand.

Besides having an online carpet store and retail carpet shops at multiple locations in Bangkok, Thailand, we have our showrooms in Canada & Europe. We have been running the business of selling carpets in Thailand for the last 16 years. We have served the locals and the expat community with carpets and rugs rare to find. We have thousand of satisfied customers to our carpet services. We have been importing best buy modern carpets, traditional oriental carpets, kilims, Silk and Wool From Iran (Persian) Turkey, Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Central Asia ………..!