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Carefully choosen Moroccan Carpet – A Beautify in itself

Morocco is a prevalently know country all around the world. This country is known essentially for its brilliant and antique hand woven materials. Deliberately collected Handmade Moroccan rug otherwise called floor covering is a renowned decision in the domain of mats today. People go for a top notch floor covering in perspective on various reasons. […]

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Viewpoint on Carpet washing in Bangkok completely understands that rugs are a beautiful addition to your homes, and you don’t want them to look old.  You take every step possible to enhance their life by keeping them clean as much possible. Carpets have a habit of getting dirty even if you keep them indoors in a safe zone at all times. […]

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The Origination of Oriental Carpets and Rugs

The craft of weaving oriental rugs has its foundations a huge number of hundreds of years prior. This is an undisputed reality because of the revelation of the old Pazyryk mat that was found in the Altai Mountains. This floor covering has been gone back to between the second and fifth hundreds of years before […]

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An Overview of Afghan, Persian, Turkish and Village carpets

Ethnic beauty and charisma of any place is flourished by natural and ancient blend where modernization is an add-on to the heritage. Different types of carpets in Thailand are blended with the ethnic and contemporary designs categorized into several forms. From Afghan Carpets to Persian, Turkish and Village Carpets, Carpets Thailand has ample of carpets […]

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