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The Handmade Turkish Carpets in Thailand

History of Anatolian Turkish Rugs The Anatolian Turkish rugs are becoming very famous in the world of carpets and it is becoming difficult to track the reliable sources that are related to the Turkish carpets. Earlier, the carpets were produced through the creation of knots that were compiled together in the carpet to give a […]

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Moth Rug Damage – Saving Your Valuable Rugs

Moth Rug Damage – Saving Your Valuable RugsRug is a huge investment and you want to get returns in the long term. Certainly you want your rug to live longer and in good condition. You may be taking care of your rug on regular basis through regular maintenance for common issues like stains; dust and […]

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Handmade Village Carpet in Bangkok Thailand

A natural homely environment can be developed from the beautiful handmade village carpet in Bangkok Thailand which helps to identify the beautiful natural beauty from the surrounding. Since the mid-nineteenth century, many interior decorators got attracted to the bunch of carpets. With the increasing demands of homemade village carpet in Bangkok Thailand, it is becoming […]

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Carpet Manufacturing – Carpet Thailand

Carpet Manufacturing  Service In Thailand, Bangkok Hand-made or Machine-made! Carpets are usually manufactured in either method. Most common Carpet manufacturing practice is machinery woven technique. Against the increasing demand, the hand woven carpets are rarely found in any culture with elegant designs and patterns. Carpet manufacturers  service in Thailand are efficient in providing the Handmade […]

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