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Carpet Washing In Thailand

Carpet washing in Thailand is very important as far as human health is concerned. But unfortunately, people give less attention to it, and as a result, various respiratory disorders make them suffer. Dirt from deep fibres mix with the air and enter into the respiratory tracts of people causing them many diseases!
Carpets should be regularly vacuumed. If they remain clean, hygiene will naturally  maintained. But vacuuming will not release grease and oil from the surface, so washing is needed once in a while. People knew many tricks of carpet washing in Thailand. Shampooing was one of the largely used methods for deep cleaning carpets. Even today, it is used in many places of thailand. Carpet washing in Thailand is both automatic and manual.

Methods of Carpet Washing In Thailand

Hand cleaning : It is a traditional method of carpet washing in Thailand . White Vinegar is used for the purpose. All we need is a bucket, a scrub brush, some white vinegar, and a little bit of sweat.

To start, we need some warm water and ¼ cup white vinegar. Then, we have to take the scrub brush and release it into the bucket. Again, we have to start scrubbing the carpet with the cleaning chemical. We want enough of the mixture on the scrub brush to get the carpet wet, a little!

Once we’ve scrubbed the carpet, we will clean the bucket and fill some fresh water Afterwards, we have to dip a terry cloth towel, into the bucket.

Now ringing it out, we have to start scrubbing the carpet again. After we’ve made a second pass over the carpet, we should let it dry thoroughly, remember thoroughly! To help speed the drying process along, the floor fan should be turned on. There are many other methods we can use for
carpet washing in Thailand ! By using baking soda and washing shampoo, we can serve the purpose.

Deep Cleaning : In the modern world, as scientific advancements have taken place, many technological processes of cleaning carpets have emerged. “Steam cleaning” or “Deep Cleaning” is one such process. In this process, the very layer in the bottom which is called “pile”
gets cleaned. So, this is the most desirable method of carpet washing in Thailand nowadays.The best thing about this type of cleaning is that it is one hundred percent eco friendly. It doesn’t use any chemical product for cleaning. Technological advancements are in the favour of ecological sustenance, aren’t they? They make carpet washing in Thailand much easier. It is used both in household dirt removing and industrial cleaning. It is highly beneficial for people having allergies and emphysema etc.

Steam cleaners are used for pulling up fine dirt pieces hiding in the deepened fibres. It’s a boon for carpet washing in Thailand. They are hardly available for removing larger pieces of dirt. We need to vacuum the entire room quite slower in comparison with usually we do. It is best to go
over the room almost twice to get all possible larger pieces of dirt. Another time, we should walk over the room in the opposite direction. Then the purpose of carpet washing in Thailand is served.

Hot water extraction : It is commonly known as “HWE”. It is another method of carpet washing in Thailand. People who can’t afford steam cleaning, go for this process. This process of carpet washing in Thailand has been long been used by people. But now, it’s decreasing day by day. It also does cleaning of finer dirt pieces, oil and grease stains etc to give the carpet  shining after wash.
Carpet washing in Thailand is getting more and more advanced and hygienic. Thanks to the modern era science! Moreover, many different methods are being discovered for carpet washing in Thailand. Natural herbal extracts are also being used for clearing up dirt pieces carpets. But this is a field of research. Hand cleaning as a process of carpet washing in Thailand, is still the most relevant for middle class families who lack knowledge and money for stem or deep cleaning. Hot water extraction, is not so popular, even today, though in industrial field, it is given much importance.

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