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Thai Carpets

To add to the natural beauty of homely ambience, carpet in Thailand has long been identified by the pleasure seekers! From China, India, Indonesia and indeed, Thailand to eastern Europe and ultimately the materialist united states of mid nineteenth century, carpets have been attracting the eyes of interior decorators. From household purpose to commercial use, carpet in Thailand has a huge demand. To meet the requirements, many companies are proposing a variety of carpets in the mainstream market. The economical status is quite promising here.

Variety of Taste

Carpets here have an antique and eye catching aura! Householders have a different taste, where as industrialists have a quiet formal approach to the traditional beauty blower! Yes, traditions have given huge importance to the colorful floor coverings. Room furnishing would never be complete without this elegant masterpiece!

For home, people select from a wide range of fabrics and designs, giving extra weight to the ancient ones!

• Cultural Influence Of Carpet in Thailand

In the ancient world, and also in the modern era, though very less, cultures have played an important role in prettifying homes, workplaces and places of public gatherings. Hence, in Thailand is used to embellish the floor, adding extra grace to the chosen place!

Thai folks have a natural inclining towards them for some good reasons :

  1. Reduces Sound : When we walk, the friction between our feet and the floor produces sound which is sometimes nice and mostly annoying. To get rid of this noise, fine fibres werediscovered to cover the tile. Hence, carpet in Thailand came into existence. Nobody likes unlikely sound to annoy their ears. So, it was a good option for replacing cemented floors .
  2. Feet Insulation : Cold tiles are extremely harmful for people suffering from some diseases, so carpets could prove their vitality here! Woolen carpet in Thailand keeps the feet warm and cozy!

And indeed, beautification is a good sort of reason for thai gathering!


Carpet in Thailand has a huge variety of fabrics. The pile was earlier synthesized from wool, but nowadays, synthetic fibers like polypropylene, nylon or polyester are widely used, as these fibers are cheaper than wool. Woolen carpets being very expensive, have more durability and
softness. They are pretty much desirable for all. Let’s see each fibre in detail.

  1. Polypropylene : In modern days, carpet in Thailand are synthesized from propylene fibres which are stain resistant. This property is very useful. As washing frequency decreases down vigorously!
  2. Nylon : It is very common in the world of carpets. People look for durable and less expensive fibres, so nylon stands tall in their requirement. It is mostly used in commercial fields. In offices and private rooms, nylon carpets can be seen quite frequently.
  3. Wool : Here comes the most expensive of all carpet in Thailand. Because of it’s soft nature, they are liked by all carpet lovers. They also have excellent durability. In the mid nineteenth century, carpet in Thailand was mostly made from wool. No other fabric can match the aura of
    woolen carpets.
  4. Polyester : They are used for their stain resistant property. Since, they are hydrophobic, they have a huge demand in the markets. Carpet in Thailand is very much dependent on this sort of fabric. Polyester is also used in many purposes, but it’s unique physical property makes it the
    right choice for carpets.
  5. Acrylic : Quite difficult to dye, but extremely good in washing, acrylic gives colourful and soft appearance as of wool. So, those who can’t afford wool, can probably go for acrylic if they wish.

Use of Carpet in Thailand is increasing day by day. In private rooms, carpets add immense grace to the overall look. The future of carpet in Thailand is very much promising. People are fond of colorful floor coverings, so they are looking for carpets for cemented floors also. Carpet in Thailand, is mainly dependent on natural fibres. So, the ecological sustenance of natural fibres will play an important role.

Thai carpets also get exported. Industries here have unique identity in the world market of carpets.Carpet in Thailand has a long way to go! Still, the absolute quality of fabrics here leave no stone unturned to demonstrate their importance!

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