Turkish Carpets

Turkish carpets and rugs:-

Turkey is known worldwide for its wonderful hand-woven carpets and rugs. Turkish carpets are not only a work of fine art but also significantly add to the environment and decor of your living or working spaces. These rugs live long, so they are valued and regarded as items of excellent investment.

When searching for finer quality and a lovely appearance, go for the higher knots count per square inch, as these densities of knots in Turkish rugs indicate the level of craftsmanship, longevity, and expansiveness. In the handmade carpets, look for patterns the worker creates to say something about their personal life.

Turkish rugs, compared to other rugs, are different as they are double-knotted, which means each part of the yarn is looped twice through the weft, making it more challenging, stronger and long-lasting. The rugs are made from materials such as silk, wool, and also natural dyes to give delicate colours.

Have you ever wanted a Turkish carpet? An authentic one that is hand-woven by the traditional communities. Our storehouses have an extensive collection of Turkish of various sizes, colours, designs and patterns, which have their unique story to tell. Please browse our website or visit our store to look at the complete range of handmade Turkish we have for you.

Handmade Turkish Carpet

Carpet Store – Turkish Carpet: Handmade Turkish Carpets and rugs designs, colors, and patterns are a perfect luxury to have to donate charming interior decoration to your space and many handpicked ones have been displayed here in this section of Turkish rugs.

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