Afghan Carpets

Afghan Carpets and Rugs

Afghan carpets and rugs as the name suggest are originated from the region of Afghanistan. Handmade Afghan carpets, like tribal rugs, are well-known for their eye-catching details and intricate design patterns.

Despite being a war-affected nation for years, the Afghanistan textile industry is still managing to produce the Handmade Afghan rugs which are very popular worldwide. The carpets and rugs are mainly woven by the Turkmen craftsmen residing in Afghanistan, people from some parts of Uzbekistan and the Afghan refugees who are now in Pakistan. These groups of peoples are also categorized as Kirghiz, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Arabs, and Baluchi so as to label the carpets on the name of their group accordingly.

Afghan Rugs are mostly rectangular in shape and red in color. An octagonal shape is a must include in every Afghan Carpet design which is mostly referred to as Gul (Persian Word – “flower”). At Carpet Thailand, we are showcasing you the original Afghan Rugs that are hand-knotted by the real Afghani peoples and tribes. If you looking for originality and authenticity while searching for afghan carpets then you have come to the right store. Search our store for what you want and the rest we will take care of.

Afghan Carpets and Rugs Video

This section shows the different handmade Afghan carpet designs, Afghan Rugs styles and patterns in our Carpet store in Bangkok, Thailand.

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