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Moth Rug Damage – Saving Your Valuable Rugs

Moth Rug Damage – Saving Your Valuable RugsRug is a huge investment and you want to get returns in the long term. Certainly you want your rug to live longer and in good condition. You may be taking care of your rug on regular basis through regular maintenance for common issues like stains; dust and dirt, but there are other issues that need to be dealt with regularly like moths. They cause damage to your rug which is irreparable.If you consider moth they may not be the harmful insects but they can be quite harmful for your rugs and enter your wardrobes as well. So, it is essential to protect your rug and look into its safety against moth damage.If you are bit stressed out about how to deal with moth damage, then these tips will certainly help you save your precious rug from moth damage.Know the risks associated with moth damageIf you reside in an area that attracts moth production in plenty, then inspect the type of moth that gets into your house and damage your rugs. You can browse the internet to know whether your rug has threat from casemaking or webbing moths.VacuumingVacuuming is necessary so, make sure you vacuum your rugs on a monthly basis on both sides. If you are using a rug made of natural materials like wool then remember these materials are endangered and food for such pests.Wool certainly invites moths and they along with their larvae can eat up your rug. In case you find it difficult to handle the situation on your own you can call the expert to clean your rug.Try and figure out the issueIn case you suspect your rug being attacked by moths then make sure you check the carpet bottoms for casings and seams. You may find fuzz or sticky substance under your rug as moth production begins in isolated and dark area. You can also check if there are any visible holes or missing fibres on your carpet.The larvae are quite harmful and they can eat up your carpet fibres almost up to an inch. They can create holes in your carpet at a really faster rate carpet washingKill the issueIn case you find moths in your house then the first place where you should check them is on your rugs. Check if your rug is damaged or have eggs or larvae. In case the rugs are attacked by moths call the experts to eradicate the issue from your carpet as well as home.These pests can also cause irreparable damage to your rugs so make sure you check your carpet on a regular basis. They reproduce really fast and within a week they can damage your rug to a greater extent much before you notice the damage. They eat away the carpet fabric and then the repairing part becomes almost impossible.The most effective way to avoid moth damage is to keep your carpet clean. In case of spills remove them immediately. Vacuum your rug regularly as insects do not attack clean rugs. Dry cleaning agents when used can cleaning also prevent the pests as they contain harmful chemicals. Regular rug cleaning will eliminate all contaminants that can aid the growth of pests.The best way to prevent the moth damage is to get your rug cleaned from professionals as the process of cleaning and washing that carpet cleaning professionals use kills the larvae and eggs of the moth.Nowadays people do not have time to do regular vacuuming or cleaning and thus they store dirty carpets which give rise to moth. As they hardly move their carpets and inspect for pests, it becomes impossible to detect the pests before they grow in numbers and damage the rug.The best thing is to inspect your rug regularly for moth damage or growth of moth. The carpets made of natural material certainly attract pests and thus they should be taken care of often.As we want our rugs/carpets to last longer and fresh, we need to care for the carpet regularly. In case you need help from professionals you can call the carpet experts to identify the moth damage problem and treat the problem. It is always better to spend some money on maintenance than to lose your carpet and spend a huge sum of money on its replacement.Make sure you keep your carpet clean and inspect it for moth damage periodically. Treat the problem before it is too late.