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Carpet Water Damage – How to Handle Carpet Water Damage

Carpet Water Damage – How to Handle Carpet Water DamageWater damage to the carpets can occur due to fire or flood in your house. In such situations a considerable amount of water tends to get absorb in carpet fibres and pad beneath. If not treated on time can lead to development of fungi, mildew, spores and mold in your carpet.It is quite a daunting task to remove the water damage from the carpet and you can call a professional contractor who has expertise in restoration as some of the techniques used in restoration are certainly complicated.How to determine if the carpet damaged by water can be restored or not?It is indeed one of the most vital aspects that need to be identified in a water damaged carpet. In order to find out if your carpet can be restored after water damage or not you need to check out the type of water that actually damaged your carpet.In case the carpet is damaged due to water leaking pipe etc then the water is of course clean and free of harmful bacteria or contaminants. In short you can say if the flooding happens to take place through a hygienic source your water damaged carpet can still be restored.On the other hand if the flooding occurs from unhygienic sources of water like toilet/dishwasher overflows then it means that it can cause a lot of health issues and the carpet needs to be replaced. Also if the water damage that takes place through black water from sewage then there are chances of contamination and in such cases again the carpet needs to be replaced. Well, there are many effective methods to remove water damage from the carpet and you can try them on your own.Drying the carpet immediatelyIt is very important to dry your carpet immediately after the water damage to prevent the growth of mold. You can also opt for renting out industrial equipments like dehumidifies and fans to accelerate the process of drying.In case it is not possible for you to rent out the industrial equipments you can also arrange for a couple of fans and set them in the room to let the air flow dry the carpet. Make sure you let the fans run till your carpet turns dry. You can continue to put the fans running for 24-48 hours.Shampooing can be helpfulYou can use carpet shampoos available in the market. You can use a bristle brush (stiff bristles) in case your carpet is deeply affected with water. Use clean water to rinse it and use sponge to remove excess water. Change the water when it gets dirty. After you finish the process of cleaning the carpet with shampoo dry it out as soon as you can. Lay out your carpet in a dry place and you can set up a fan to dry out the carpet faster.Ensure that your carpet get dried up completely. Make sure you check if the base is also completely dry.Remove the furniture placed on the carpet You should remove the furniture placed on the carpet. The wooden furniture on your carpet should be removed as even the furniture can lead to staining. On the other hand even your furniture can be damaged as it is exposed to water on the carpet. Try not to walk on the carpet while it is drying as this will prevent staining on the carpet.Use chemical cleansers to treat the water damage on the carpetIn case where you observe the development of fungi, mold or spores on the carpet you can use chemical cleansers to eradicate the organisms and harmful bacteria. These chemical cleansers are perfect disinfectants and deodorizers but make sure you should call experts to deal with these chemicals as they are dangerous.Experts know their jobYou should call carpet experts when your carpet encounters flooding as they know their job well. The carpet professionals have the right equipments and they know the right technique to handle the water damaged carpet. They can help restore the water damage from your carpe the right way.As they handle carpet related issues every day they can help your protect your carpet and save time. Of course it would cost you to hire a carpet professional but if you look at long term benefits and the amount of time you save, it is worth hiring a professional to do his job.The experts can also help you know whether the carpet can be restored or needs to be replaced.