Viewpoint on Carpet washing in Bangkok completely understands that rugs are a beautiful addition to your homes, and you don’t want them to look old.  You take every step possible to enhance their life by keeping them clean as much possible. Carpets have a habit of getting dirty even if you keep them indoors in a safe zone at all times. They get dust from heavy foot traffic, accidental coffee spills, or let’s say pet urine. So every few months after, you need to get them washed from a professional carpet washer.

Don’t use Harmful Chemical in Carpet Washing

Carpet washing is a very critical process, and it only comes with experience. Incorrect methods of carpet washing will result in making the rug look weak and soulless over the period. Usually, the damages happen with the heavy usage of harmful chemicals and acidic detergents. Many carpet stores in Bangkok, Thailand, tend to use damaging liquid kinds of stuff to wash the carpets quickly. As hand-knotted carpets are made with natural and vegetable dyes, so chemicals and tools can disturb the hand woven pattern and carpet can quickly loosen its fibres knotting and grids. We need to understand that carpet washing is a slow process and not a quick action. Precautions should be observed and do not compromise on the life of the carpet at any point of washing.

Try Herbal Carpet Washing methods 

Carpetthailand uses its legendary carpet washing process called “herbal carpet washing”. In herbal carpet washing, the carpets are washed with homemade herbal detergents. Similarly, we make these herbal solutions with the help of our generation old recipes. We mix the ingredients such as olives, rose petal, apricot skin, thyme, vinegar, etc. and keep the mixture in a warm room. It takes around 12 weeks to these solutions prepared. For giving these homemade detergents antibacterial properties, we use a citrus peel, and for aromatic aspects, we use small quantities of herbal essential oils.  Every solution has its magic and impacts, so we make sure that we thoroughly understand the carpet, its type, kind of material, size, and age, etc. before letting it go for a wash.

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