Persian Carpets

Persian carpets and Hand-knotted rugs:

The Persian carpet is known to be the finest in the handmade category of carpets making, and Iran is the largest manufacturer and exporter of these carpets.

Rugs of Persian origin have always been considered plush possessions of the elite, high-status class. Although this traditional art has been duplicated worldwide, an original Persian rug made by a skilled craftsman would hold an ageless, lavish, wealthy and extravagant magnetism.

According to Carpet Thailand, “Persian rugs have something magical about them”. Their designs and patterns are so captivating and mesmerising that once you lock your eyes on them, you can’t leave them without having them bought. Our comprehensive collection of Persian rugs is encouraged by their intricate designs, patterns, lovely colours and charming appeal. We confidently state that our traditional Persian rug designs will add a value of elegance to your home decor. The rugs at Carpet Thailand are durable, stain and water-resistant and effortlessly washable – suited for the commonly visited areas of households like the living and dining room.

Looking for something outstanding? Visit our shop to explore our collection of carpets that are truly distinct and heirloom-worthy, with vivid colours and appealing designs that you have been looking for, and we know we have the perfect rug for you.

Handmade Persian Carpet

Carpet Store for Persian Carpet: We have a broad range of Persian carpet designs, colours, and styles, and some of them have been shown above.

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