• Truly i loved the collection of Handmade Carpets they have in their store. The piece of carpets i bought for me was so much appreciated by everyone in our home that i have no other words to say except “WOW” for Shah Carpets.

    Mr. Channarong

  • We were looking for brown carpet that looks like a piece of some antique item and yes we found the one from the Handmade Carpets Collection of CarpetThailand. Thank You Mr. Shah

    Virote and Apinya

  • Gumbo beet greens corn soko endive gumbo gourd.

    We were astonished to see the range of Carpet Available at their Store. They really have the largest collection of carpets available with them and surely have something for everyone to sell.

    Mrs. and Mr. Kiet Direct Sales Marketer

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    Our Carpet was so dirty and was looking so rough that we planned to buy the new one for us and then as per their advice we opted for their carpet washing services and it was done so professionally that no one can say that this is the same carpet we have purchased years ago and now its look afresh like new. Very Happy with them.

    Serena Polansky Web content