How to select a Carpet store/shop in Bangkok, Thailand?

How to select a carpet store/shop in Bangkok, Thailand? Suggestions by www.carpetthailand.comShopping for carpets demands a lot of pre-research work like how you do when you plan to buy your first car. There are different varieties to choose from: Modern carpets, Oriental carpets, Afghan carpets, Kashmir carpets, Persian carpets, Moroccan carpets, Pakistan carpets, Kilims, etc. and I totally understand it gets confusing seeing so many types, colours, and shades. On top of that, you see a salesman throwing his experience in confusing your train of thoughts further. Finally, after so much of tension, a moment comes when you want everything to quickly finish and get away from all these pressures and select something that appears fine to the eye. That’s exactly where you make a terrible mistake in choosing something that you never wanted for your home.Patience is the only key here. Recommendation of a salesman is vital but it should only work in shaping up your choice and not something he wants to sell. In addition to all this, let me ask you how hard it is nowadays to select a carpet. Simply go on Google, find out the stores/shops selling carpets in your city. For example, if you want to buy a rug or a carpet in Bangkok, Thailand, the first step should be logging on to the internet, search for rug stores or carpet stores or carpet shops in Bangkok Thailand. If they have websites, browse them to understand and estimate their expertise level in selling carpets and rugs as well as giving related services like carpet washing, cleaning, repairing, and restoring in Bangkok, Thailand. Why I emphasise on looking for similar service is simply because their job shouldn’t be completed once they sell the carpets, you would surely need their after sales services as carpets undergo wear and tear as in stain damages, wither and fade over a period. Once you have browsed their online shops of carpets, list them and initiate calling them one by one. Now don’t make a huge list as it will further baffle you up. The only mantra works here is observing what level of knowledge and expertise the person from the shop shows. Prepare your questionnaire beforehand and ask him different set of questions related to carpets and it is only you who can understand whether your queries are answered correctly. Perform a final comparison, and I am sure you will be able to find the carpet that will fit not only your needs but also bring glamor to your home.  

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