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Unique ways to brighten up your home décor with Handmade Rugs

Unique ways to brighten up your home décor with Handmade Rugs

When you think of adding ethnicity to your home décor, you think of using ethnic furniture, furnishings and rugs, especially handmade rugs. For last few years people are adopting the ethnic style to decorate their homes. With the popularity and demand of tribal art is becoming a trend in different places across the globe. One of the most popular styles is Moroccan, especially in carpet and rug industry.   When it comes to handmade Moroccan Carpets, they depict art work from skilled craftsmen.

handmade moroccan carpets
handmade moroccan carpets

You will find these carpets made from natural materials like wool that is hand woven and these natural materials with the artwork gives it a different style of its own. You can use handmade Moroccan Carpets as a flooring accessory or hang on walls or can use as throws to brighten up the space to get a luxurious and comfortable look.The handmade Moroccan Carpets are classifieds into different categories based on their piling and weaving techniques used to weave them. They are 

The Kilim family

This is the oldest class of Moroccan tribal rug in the world. This is a flat woven tapestry that has gained popularity across North America as the nomadic tribal group enhanced their textile skills to match the Sahara desert life.

The Glaoui family

The Moroccan carpets had its origin in Atlas Mountains and they use a blend of piling and flat weaving techniques.  The dyes and wool used to weave this carpet is organic and the design comprises of a beautiful blend of different piled patterns combined together to create a final product. You will find these carpets really colourful.

The Beni Ourain family

These carpets are woven by Beni Ourain berber tribes from northeast middle Atlas. These carpets with vintage looks and white piles reflect the art of nomadic tribal group called berber.

Reasons why you should consider buying Moroccan carpets to give a bold look to your home décor


Different from other carpets

A simple yet important reason to buy Moroccan carpets for your home décor is that it is different from others. Even if you purchase two or three of such types, you will never find them similar in any ways. Each of these carpets are hand woven, which hold their uniqueness and you need not worry if someone else will have the same piece.


It is a myth that all Moroccan carpets are expensive. You can even find some of the amazing pieces at an affordable price. Many people think that buying a Moroccan throw for their house means spending a lot of money, but that is not the case as you can find some smaller pieces for a couple of dollars only.

Warmth is incredible

Moroccan carpets provide incredible warmth and they are a treat for your feet. You don’t have to be worried while stepping out of your bed during chill winters. The carpet provides warmth and holds the heat to help your feet warm when you walk on the carpet.


Moroccan carpets are quite durable even though they don’t look like. These handmade elegant pieces are weaved using the strongest fibres to bear the wear and tear or spills. Unbelievable, but true that the stains are easy to clean from these carpets and you won’t even find the traces left behind on the carpet after cleaning it properly.

Handmade Afghan carpets rule the carpet industry

Handmade Afghan carpets 

handmade afghan carpets
handmade afghan carpets

have been popular since ages and they are still ruling the carpet industry. You will find an array of cheerful and colourful handmade afghan carpets straight from the treasure of traditional weavers. With time the carpets have seen a lot of changes in the design and colour combinations. Some bright colour combinations have been replaced by crimson red or dark blue. With a lot of changes over the period of time, these carpets still are all time favourite for the customers. The handmade artwork and amazing display of colours is something that will catch your attention right away. You can’t afford to ignore the superb art of weaving from traditional craftsmen who believe in displaying the natural art and using natural fibres and materials to weave the carpet for you. The lustrous carpets with the right color balance gives you a different art work.

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