Handmade Village Carpet is oftenly produced by using the Handspun wool produced by their own sheep, natural color dyers  and not very much bigger in sizes. Village Carpets are usually rustic in nature but charming and can be easily recognized since they are not produced the expert weavers crafting the carpets from over a long period of time but still have naturality and beauty of its own. These carpets are mainly produced on the vertical looms used by the weavers to produce for their own use and hence may have irregular shapes and corners not perfectly weaved, limited to types of patterns used as per the quality of the wool used. The Hand spunned wool does not flexibly allow to go for the advanced patterns and the designs, colors, pattern look similar to each other. Each Handmade Village Carpet has it own feel and best efforts are given to craft them beautifully differentiating them from the tribal carpets such as Afghan Carpets, morrocon carpets, Turkish carpets, Turkmenistan carpets, Persian Carpets and similar. Explore the variety of Handmade Village Carpets below to choose from :

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