Handmade Turkmenistan Carpets were originated from Central Asian Regions which includes many carpet producing places likes Turkmenistan, East Turkistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Belutchistan. The Turkmenistan Carpets and Rugs are mostly crafted by the nomadic tribes using local materials like sheep wool, buffalo wool or the wools from the herbs (mostly Sarajin sheep) along with vegetable or natural dyes. The design of Handmade Turkmenistan Carpets generally includes wider borders on the shorter sides and not on the longer sides and repeated geometrical patterns inbetween mostly red in colour with a scale to purple to brown in many carpets. Moreover these carpets are weaved with 180 – 400 knots per square meter making it more durable and long lasting.  Each Turkmen clan or tribe weaves the carpets with their unique designs but leaves their marks as well on the carpets like ersia clen uses anchor motif, alternatively, solar tribe produces a mixture of Persian, Afghanistan and Pakistan rugs. Though there are lot of groups crafting carpets in Turkmenistan but mainly has been classified into three groups namely Teke, Akhal-Teke, Pendi rugs; second one as Yomut, Choudour; and lastly Beshir, Kerki, Kizylaya. CarpetThailand.com brings you the most authentic collecting of Turkmenistan Carpets to give your place a luxury look with these Turkmenistan Carpets :

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