Turkish Carpets also referred to as Anatolian Carpet comes from the Turkey Country which came into existence earlier in 13th Century. Konya in Turkey was the main hub of carpet manufacturing but now many cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Kayseri are also weaving carpets since centuries and delivering Turkish carpets and Rugs of the finest quality. After the arrival of Islamic Culture in Turkey the patterns of the Turkish Carpets are based on Islamic prayer niche and do not include any kind of human or animal portraits or structures on Turkish carpets as it is befitted in Quran. Turkish Carpets and Rugs comes in various textures, motifs, colors and sizes (starts from pillow size carpets to large room sized carpets) weaved from natural materials like Sheep Wool, Cotton, silk tied with a Turkish Knot also termed as Ghiordes or Turkbaff. Handmade Turkish Carpet is pile-woven carpet in which a pile of carpets is crafted using special knives and thickness of each pile generally ranges between 2mm to 4mm. Whereas some nomadic carpets can be of 12mm thickness and some piles of bedding carpets also comes in 20-25mm thickness. Browse the most royal Turkish Carpets below and get it delivered at your door step in no extra cost  :

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