Handmade Persian Carpets are somewhere also referred to as Iranian Carpets because till 1934 the official name of Iran was Persia. The History of Iran has many unheard stories behind it but later in 1979 was finally declared as Islamic Republic. The Country’s main assets is the oil reserves it has but still there are peoples involved in the manufacturing of carpets and are producing the most valuable Handmade Persian Rugs in the world due to its unique and complex designs, natural wool and dedicated workmanship towards carpet weaving. The Persian Carpets are often labelled by the names of cities in which they are crafted and some of the popular ones are Kashan, Tabrez, Isfahan, Nain etc. Handmade Persian Carpets comes in variety of colors, knotted with 160 – 200 knots per square inch to produce an average quality carpet or rug and 1500 knots per square inch to produce the High quality Handmade Persian carpet or Rugs making it more durable. These Carpets uses two types of knots termed as Symmetrical knot or Ghiordes knot and ASymmetrical knot or Senneh knot weaved either on Horizontal loom or vertical loom depending on the size and design to be crafted. Explore the most exclusive Handmade Persian Carpets below showcased at :

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