Pakistan Carpets are originating from Pakistan and the origin of Carpet Industry of Pakistan is since the time when it was separated from India. After the separation of India and Pakistan most of weavers which were Muslims by religion moved to Pakistan and started crafting the carpets there mostly in the parts of Karachi and Lahore. The Government there also started supporting their skills by importing superior quality yarns to give Pakistan Carpets and Rugs look very much similar to Persian Carpet and Rugs. Pakistan Carpets are also weaved nowadays using Australian Wool and with high knot density making it stronger, durable to give the feel of Silk Carpets in affordable price range. There are variety of Pakistani Carpets available today in the market today each of them having its own quality and are termed namely as Pak Persian, Jaldar, Bokhara, Pak Gabbeh, Lahori, Shal, Chobi just to mention a few using red as the main colours in the carpet though also colors are also used to mixup a feel of lusture in carpets. PERSIAN. brings you the widest range of Handmade Pakistan Carpets below to order from.

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