Oriental Carpets and Rugs are ones produced in Asian Regions (referred to as Orient). They are not any country specific and are crafted by various countries belonging to Asian Region. Oriental Carpets are widely manufactured for home use, local use and export also. Oriental Carpets are designed in various geometrical, floral, refined patterns using neutral colors and in some places using bold and rich colors. These carpets are made with the help of natural materials like wool, silk and cotton and have hundreds of patterns to follow but the designs which usually come from the regions like India, Persia and China follow the Eastern Styles pattern representing the Islamic Culture of their Golden Era. Depending on the region where it is weaved it may follow either Horizontal Loom or vertical loom styles. Horizontal Loom style is generally used by the craftsman belonging to the tribal areas who are known for manufacturing Kilim and Durrie types and Vertical Loom is used by who develop Ghourides and Senneh. Explore the variety of Oriental Carpets displayed below and order now to get a Free Home Delivery.

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