Morrocon Carpets as the name implies are weaved by the peoples of Morroco and are into existence since the Paleolithic Era. The reason behind the early origination of Moroccan Carpets and Rugs is the distinctive climate of the various regions of Morroco.  Handmade Morrocon Carpets can be weaved and used for varied climate conditions like for snowy regions of Atlas Mountains as well for the hot and humid regions of Sahara Deserts. Initially it was crafted by the peoples of Morroco for various utility purposes rather than decorative items but due its warmth nature as it is very thick with a heavy pile, non-shaggy characteristics and soft texture designs it is now popular in various areas of the world.  And the most unique thing about the Moroccan Carpets is that all the designs imprinted on these Rugs and Carpets represents the states of Childhood , Virginity, Bridal State, Union, Pregnancy, Birth Pains, Birth and a start of new born baby life. The Colours used in the Morrocon Carpets are in neutral shades and may vary to popping hues. All the designs patterns are either geometric shapes, free from or expressive patterns.

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