Kilim is a word originated from Turkish Language hence the Kilim Carpets gives you a touch of Turkish Origin. The weavers of Kilim Carpets generally belong from parts of Turkey and nearby geographical areas like North Africa, Central Asia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Iran and nearby to them. Though the history of origination of Kilim Carpets in not much known but it is believed they were founded back in 13th century. Initially they were made using animal skin but due to the new foundation these are now made from animal hair, cotton, wool, and other organic fibers.Handmade Kilim Carpets are pile-less carpets crafted using flat weaving technology which are often in diagonal patterns both bold and sharp designs and are closely related to geometrical designs and floral designs. In some tribal areas Kilims are also used as decorative item such as wall hangings or to protect grains from weather and other daily needs. On the other hand, some kilims are used as prayer mats because they are less costly and readily available in various styles, sizes and colors. Browse the finest range of kilim carpets below in various styles and colors :

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